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  1. I have just upgraded to Windows 10 and Parallels 11. I opened TMG in the usual way (with trepidation). On first attempt the program did not open. On second attempt it has opened and appears to be working fine. I haven't input or changed data yet.
  2. Splitting a project

    Thank you for all your support. Elmar
  3. Splitting a project

    You're welcome. Do you mean the colors of the windows themselves on the screens? They are part of Program Options, not Project Options, so I don't unknow why they should change. I'm surprised that your reseacher info didn't come over. Yes, there is a UK version of TMG7, and a UK upgrade option. There are a number of nice features in v7, perhaps the most useful in my view being the Sentence Preview, and the Tag and Source Reminder function. Not to mention a few bug fixes along the way.
  4. Splitting a project

    Thanks Terry (1) The new project opened without some of my customised preferences eg: did not have my name as researcher; the window format seems to have been kept but there was a new colouring scheme. All the data appears to have transferred which is the more important thing. (2) I'll think about your suggestion but basically my family oigins and my wife's are very different and do not ovelap. However your very good point is that I could not do one report for my children and as I'm finding it's hard to keep customisations! I suppose at some point I could combine the two projects!! While I have you, do you know if v7 has a UK customisation? If not, is there any strong reason I should upgrade? Elmar
  5. Splitting a project

    OK, thank you. Discovered the problem. At the point of confirming the path and name of the new project there were two file extension options: tmg project file:pjc AND *.*. This time I selected the latter and the project was created. As a follow up I have two further questions (sorry!) (1) how do I have the new project take all my customised preferences of the orginal project? (2) is there any shortcut to capture all one branch of my family (as opposed to idenifying everyone on the Project Explorer? Elmar
  6. Splitting a project

    Thanks for getting back; I am now trying to reproduce the effect. I select some people in Project Explorer. I then open the report List of People and check the 'select from Project Explorer'. I select the Options tab and in the Secondary Output tab I select "Create New Project". At this point I tried to name a file (eg ETtest.pjc) and a path to the directory where I keep all my TMG reports (it's a path in My Docs). At this point it does not respond and does not allow me to name a new project. If I leave this blank, and exit the Options tab, I then proceed to create the List. I 'Print & Save' to screen. This then brings up a message asking me to set the path and name for the new project. I type ETtest.pjc and this seems to be accepted, but I get a message saying "no output columns were selected". I click OK to this, hit Print, and I get a confirming message asking if I want to create a new project called ETtest.pjc.tmg project file:pjc_.pjc!!!! So there is a naming error. At this point I get the new window opening asking me to select and open a DBF file. It looks as though I can't name the new project properly?
  7. Hi if anyone can help, pls. I have TMG v6 Gold (UK). I want to split my main project into two family strands. I want all the info for each strand retained. (Essentially I want one project for my father and his ancestors and one for my mother.) I have tried the process suggested which is to create a List of People with secondary output. When I do this I get a question box inviting me to open/create a .dbf file (this is after I have nominated a new project name for the secndary output).