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  1. It doesn't say anything - nothing appears when I hover. As noted, I long ago deleted the non-extant exhibits from the people they were attached to, but TMG doesn't recognize that. Why would I want to make my exhibits internal? Because the images that I use as exhibits serve several purposes, and as I refine my collection of images, I tend to rename them and/or move them to different folders. Is there a way to keep them current within TMG?
  2. Huh - you learn something new every day! Well, that worked to an extent: when I click on the frowny face, the display box above the Properties button tells me that it's a "Thumb only" in both cases, as opposed to an External or Internal exhibit. Hovering over that info doesn't tell me the person to whom it is attached. Semi-related topic: If I want to change an External exhibit to an Internal, is it sufficient to right-click, open its properties, and under the General tab simply change it from "External Image file" to "Internal Image"?
  3. The backup log file shows two Missed (external) Exhibits because at some point I had renamed the files. I deleted the exhibits for the individuals in question and added back the renamed files (as internal images this time). Yet every backup still shows them as Missed Exhibits. I've tried File | Maintenance | Validate File Integrity as well as Reindex, but no luck. What should I try next? (This actually started in v8 and, unsurprisingly, persists in v9)
  4. Details Window Issue in Windows 7

    Yes to all. Awesome!
  5. Details Window Issue in Windows 7

    When I did that, the Details window was completely blank aside from the database field names. I restored the content by switching to Family, then back to Person. I then resaved my layout. And resaving the layout seems to have taken care of the issue! Thanks! However, before I did that, I tried your other suggestions. The following results occurred while the program was still erroring out. (Who knows - you may want this data.) You: How are you switching view to a different individual - double click on a person or rightclick on a name and 'change focus to this person' or using the Project Explorer or Picklist? Me: I get the same result using any method to switch to a different person. You: Does it make a difference whether you are in the Details, Tree, or Family view whether the focus changes correctly? Me: Why, yes, it does: switching individuals works correctly while in Tree or Family. It does not work while in Person. Nice catch. (Again, this was done before I resaved the layout per your suggestion above.) You: Do you open TMG and your project directly or from the Welcome Window (recommended)? Me: I tried both options and got the same result. (Now that the issue is resolved, either option gives me the Detail window.)
  6. (I haven't seen this after searching/browsing) I have a custom layout which shows Details, Children, Siblings, and Image. First issue: On startup, the Details window does not show. The workaround is to switch to the Standard layout and then back to my custom layout - then the Details window appears. Second issue: When I switch the view to a different individual, the Details window does not change to show the individual selected, though the other three open windows do change. The workaround is to click either the Family or Tree tab on the Details window, and then click back to Person.