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  1. When running an ahnentafel report on moderately large (over 80 or so people), the operation simply freezes. It stops at the same place in the progress depending on the particular report... sometimes 41%, sometimes 69%, sometimes 82%, etc... and the cursor turns in to a blue spinning wheel and eventually the (not responding) message occurs on the top. Any suggestions?
  2. ahnentafel reports freeze

    It only happens when I want to include sources... I have tried about every iteration I can for the sources... end notes, footnotes, embedded, etc... and freezes for people who have a lot of ancestors and not for those with few. I also wonder if this also has to do with the one drive issue I am having. I wish I had disabled one drive when I got the computer but I didn't know better... now I have hundreds of files in documents and pictures under one drive and I don't really know how to get them moved to the computer only.
  3. Backup problem

    Even TMG itself is saved under OneDrive. my TMG project is saved under one drive. i had no idea this was even happening until today. I hate windows 10!
  4. Backup problem

    When attempting to back up I get the following message right at the end of the back up: Input file read failure - This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a zip file that is locked or restricted by another person. I always de-select external exhibits when backing up, as that caused a similar error in the past. Any suggestions?
  5. OK, one more issue... I get this message every time I open TMG. Not sure if it is related to some of my exhibits being found missing in individuals that I look at. I saved most exhibits as external, but some are internal. When I try to find exhibits, I am finding that the internal ones show up , but many external ones do not... probably due to having a new computer and the pictures are now saved in a different file than when originally stored. Not sure if any of that has to do with this problem as shown below or not: I usually check "yes" on this message, but TMG will open either way. Thoughts???
  6. Backup problem

    Arrgghh One Drive saves everything in windows 10 I am finding out... having trouble figuring out how to make all the documents, pics, etc... save to just the PC and not one drive!!!
  7. Backup problem

    THanks Doris, When I ran the backup and deleted the words"onedrive" in the destination folder, it seemed to work. The thing is, one drive seems to have come with this new computer, I didn't ask for it, nor want it. I have carbonite. How do I get rid of one drive without messing up anything?
  8. Backup problem

    I am backing up to the default folder in the TMG user tree ( I think) Here is the path it is generating: C:\Users\gl757\OneDrive\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Backups\Laffy 2018-12-02 10-53-50.sqz This is the same path that other previously successful backups used: C:\Users\gl757\OneDrive\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Backups
  9. ahnentafel reports freeze

    I did run Optimize / Validate File Integrity / reindex And it said everything was ok Also, it does it on some people but not others
  10. OK... Now have it fixed!!! I got it unlocked as administrator.
  11. The same thing is happening to me... bduncan or Jim, do I need to wait until it happens again, or can I do it now?
  12. I recently got version 9.05. I imported from my old version 7.04 and everything works fine, BUT when I try to back up... create .sqz file, I get this message before the back up is finished: "Input file read failure - This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a zip file that is locked or restricted by another process." Please help!
  13. I cannot create a relationship report. I get an error message and then can't get out of the error and have to close the program via task manager. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Thank you! I temporarily shut off my anti virus to run the report and it works perfectly. 😎 I appreciate the help!
  15. Can anyone help me with this?
  16. Also, after I cancel it I get another error: Unknown member ROPROTECTIONMAN
  17. I reset defaults... Didn't work. Here is the exact error: Cannot create file C:\users\home\appdata\local\temp\tmg78046020\_52p1ai7s5.jpg
  18. When I create a descendant box chart, tmg 9.05 creates a line from the primary subject to the next people that is about 25 pages long with absolutely nothing between them; from there to the bottom (or right when trying it in the other format) everything is normal. Help?
  19. ok... It worked when I shut off external exhibits
  20. Not that I am aware of. My old version backs up with no problem
  21. The destination file is in the hard drive. So that isn't the issue.