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  1. I have V8 of TMG that we copied from my old laptop to my new one a couple of years ago. Every since then I have had a problem with opening the program. It will work for two or three times of opening it, then it reverts to making me reenter my serial code to re-register it. Is there any way to fix this so I don't have to keep doing it? I know the program is old and no longer supported but I thought someone may have ran into this problem and knows how to fix it. I am in the process of looking to replace TMG even though I don't want to. Love this program. :-( Susan D. Slade Grossl sdsladegrossl1@outlook.com
  2. Backup/messup

    Michael, Thank you, I will check with my husband when he gets off work and we will give this a try. I do not know how he "restored" it or backed it up, so I don't dare mess with it. I will let you know if this worked. Susan
  3. Backup/messup

    My husband backed up my program while working on my laptop. When we restored it many of the types, such as Birth, Death, Marriage now have 000001 in place of principal on the tag entry screen. I was trying to print out an individual narrative report. When I do, no narrative shows up, just the word principal over and over. I went in and fixed the 000001 to principal and that still did not fix it. I have looked through everything and cannot figure out what happened and how to fix it. Any ideas? I need to be able to print narratives and family group sheets. Thanks for any and all help!