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My husband backed up my program while working on my laptop. When we restored it many of the types, such as Birth, Death, Marriage now have 000001 in place of principal on the tag entry screen. I was trying to print out an individual narrative report. When I do, no narrative shows up, just the word principal over and over. I went in and fixed the 000001 to principal and that still did not fix it. I have looked through everything and cannot figure out what happened and how to fix it. Any ideas? I need to be able to print narratives and family group sheets. Thanks for any and all help!

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Hi Susan,

My first question would be how the program was "restored".  If your husband used some kind of Windows backup program to simply back up the program files, and then just restored those files, that will not work.  The program must actually be "installed".  To keep a copy of the program which can be used to re-install it at any time, you only need to retain a copy of the one file which is the TMG installer program itself for that version of the software.  You probably downloaded that file at some point when either you bought the program or upgraded the program.

At this point it may be possible to repair what you have.  If you can find that one installer program file, run that file as Administrator.  It will provide an option to "Repair" TMG.  Do that and see if that helps.

If not, then ask again and one of us other users may have something else to try.

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