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  1. Hi Jim I have no issues navigating to the PJC file, but when I click on it, it just takes me to the projects folder in File Explorer - without actually opening the PJC file. When I try to click on it again, it just takes me back in a loop to the same screen. Have you heard of this issue before? I am a little concerned that I am not going to be able to access it. I have had my more tech savvy son look at it, and he is having the same issues.
  2. Thanks Michael and Jim. OK. I have copied the backup PJC file across to the project folder. I am having an issue whereby selecting this PJC file (as it did for the empty previous one) takes me back to searching the Program/TMG v8 folder for a PJC file. I have also copied the PJC file to this TMG v8 folder, but it returns to the same spot. It just feels like an endless loop. I am concerned that settings and paths you've mentioned Michael are not correct, but I don't quite know how to read it (I can see it in Notepad, but I don't really see anything wrong)?
  3. Thanks Jim. Good thinking. Forgive my naivety in terms of tech knowledge, but I assume the information in between my last back up and the last work I did, despite being saved in the existing CDX and BDF files, will not carry across to the back up PDF... or does the PJC file just access the CDX or BDF file?
  4. I last worked on TMG 22/12/2017 or 24/12/2017. Issue with Windows meant that Windows Repair was required. After Windows Repair, I wasn't able to access my project. I tried to select the recent project but it was greyed out. The only option available was the sample project. Trying to open the project ’My Project New_.pjc’ shows as a project - but has a file size of 0 bytes. I am able to see that my project information is still available, but as CDX files and DBF files. I don’’t have a PJC file (with data) to actually open the project. Thanks – and I look forward to your assistance.