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  1. Unrecognized phrase

    I did all of the maintenance tasks and that seems to have fixed it. Been a while since I did that and I should know better. Thanks for your time.
  2. Unrecognized phrase

    Thanks Jim, but it didn't fix it. I noticed that it is erratically predictable. It rarely does it when I enter a son or daughter to a person. It always does it when I next enter a spouse for that son or daughter. Occasionally, it will not do it if I use an unused ID (F2) for a person. Other times it does. Peculiar.
  3. I have suddenly begun to get an error when entering new people. When I use the "add a person" feature, all goes well until I try to finish it up. At the last stage, I get the error "Command contains unrecognized phrase/key word 31 FRMADDPERSON.MSAVE" and that annoying beep. If I press "ignore" five times, the program goes on and enters the person. The only thing different now, is that I recently deleted several people from the database and have about a dozen or more unused ID's. Would appreciate any thoughts.
  4. Gedcom from filtered list

    Thanks to both for the great suggestions. The relative has asked for Gedcom, so that was why I was moving in that direction. Thanks again.
  5. I know there is an easy way to do this but I can't figure it out. A relative would like a gedcom of my data for a common ancestor. I have gone into explorer and filtered for "is ancestor/descendant" of our common ancestor. Got a nice list of everyone in my database who is a descendant. How do I save that list as a distinct entity that I can then export as a gedcom? Or am I going about this in the wrong way? Thanks in advance.
  6. I understand the basics of accents and flags but can't seem to do what I want to do. I want to highlight my direct line ancestor in a list of siblings. When I am looking at a long list of children of a particular person, I would like my ancestor to be highlighted. Can it to be done? If so, how might I do it?
  7. Task Manager Problem

    I tried Michael's suggestion and the problem still persists. Some additional info that might be helpful. I ran the VFI until there were no errors. Then I ran optimize. I got a difference of 280,064. I ran optimize again and got a difference of 0. I ran VFI again, got no errors. Ran optimize again and got a difference of 280,064. Ran it again and got 0. I also tried to delete some of the text on the research log task list. I deleted one or two lines and then everything except add and cancel were grayed out. Couldn't delete any others. I will e-mail the requested files momentarily. Thanks for all of your help. Al Palmer
  8. I have not yet used task manager in TMG. Thought I would start exploring it today. When I clicked on the icon for task manager, I got an error code: Line is too long 20 FLHASTASK. I clicked ignore and got the error message: Line is too long 63 FLHASTASK. I clicked ignore and the list of tasks came up. Interspersed in the list of tasks is text relating to one of my ancestors. I recognize it as an obituary but do not find that obituary in the record that it pertains to. I remember entering it a long time ago. It appears in every task list I open, regardless of the person I have on the screen. Any thoughts?
  9. Is there a way to import a map into TMG from, say, Mapquest, and annotate it, i.e., add the names of family members to where they lived? Then, of course, save it and print it.
  10. Journal Print leaves out people

    That got it. Thanks.
  11. I can't seem to get the print options right on this program. Each time I solve one problem, I encounter another. I am trying to print a Journal Report. It starts with my father-in-law and does his descendants. I have selected 4 generations on the options menu, print all tags, no thresholds. I have selected descendants on the general screen. There were four girls in the family. When I print the report, only my wife shows up in the second generation, and our children in the third. I would like the second generation to show her sisters and the third, their children. Perhaps, I am asking the program to do something which it is not designed to do. All of the girls show up on the Person screen and are linked by primary tags to the father.
  12. Tags don't print

    Thank you very much. That is very helpful. The tags I was having a problem with were assigned to their particular groups by the program as default. I didn't do anything to put them there. But now I know how to fix it. Thanks again.
  13. Tags don't print

    My bad for not indicating the report. I have had the problem with both Journal and Individual Narrative. I have tried all of th e above to no avail. It seems to have something to do with certain tag groups. I guess I do not understand the relationships between groups and the tags themselves. Nor am I clear on the role of "witness" in those tags. The problem seems to occur with those tags that are in the group "history" and have the (w) in the Name/Place column. So, I have selected Journal report; General Screen, Register (NEHGR) Checked, Siblings show. . . unchecked, No threshold & Include blank. . . checked: Tag Screeen, Tag Types, "all" checked, "all events. . . " checked. I have also tried to print with "custom" checked on the "General" screen and all of the entries under Tag/Include only, unchecked. I have tried to print both to screen and to a WordPerfect document - doesn't make any difference. Since posting this, I have found a solution. I can open it in the "Tag Type List" click Edit and Roles and Sentences. Then, I can add the new role of "principal," create a sentence structure and it will print. After establishing the new role of Principal, I could not delete witness. I am still confused about why some tags seem to default to the "witness" role. Perhaps I am approaching the whole thing in some wrong way. I would think that entering an oath of allegiance would pertain to the person taking the oath and not a witness. Anyhow, I have solved it, but would still like to understand better what is going on.
  14. Tags don't print

    Thanks for the response, Terry. I Checked and neither of those are the problem. On the Tag tab I have checked "all" in the Tab Type area, and "all events and Witnessed in the Event section. I have also checked "No Threshold" on the general screen. It seems to have something to do with certain tags. They have the (w) witness indicator in the "name, place" part of the tag screen. They also seem to be from certain groups, e.g., "history." For these tags, I have entered text in the memo section and that is what I want to print out.
  15. Here I am with another problem. I think I had this one once before but forgot how to solve it. Why is it that certain tags do not print? I cannot get a "Military Service" or "Obiturary" tag to print. I think that it has something to do with their tag type. I do not fully understand that relationship or why some things are excluded from the report. Any way to get them to print?