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  1. Virginia - I just looked at the sample reports shown on your website for TMG8 - the sample family group sheet looks exactly like I want it to. How do I get the appearance that your company has advertised? Debbie
  2. Virginia - What I would like is to NOT lose functionality when I "upgrade". The family group sheet in older versions is much clearer and makes better use of space. When is this going to be fixed in ver 8? Debbie
  3. Trying to merge two datasets within the same project, I get a series of error messages OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from Panels: Maximum Panels Exceeded Variable 'ID2' is not found. 1159 MERGEDS_E2 Unknown member ROPROTECTIONMAN I recreated the project and ran all the maintenance functions first - same problem I have TMG v 8.08
  4. Endnotes/footnotes on family group sheet

    Virginia - That solved it, thank you. Debbie
  5. I want my sources to print at the end of the family group sheet. When I select "footnotes" the sources print at the end of the first page - in the middle of the FGS. When I choose "endnotes", the sources print on a separate sheet, and if there are no sources for the family, TMG prints an empty sheet headed "Endnotes". How do I get it to print at the end of the fgs without starting a new page?
  6. I can get way too many lines or no lines at all. I want a line before each person the way it was in previous versions - how can I produce this?
  7. synchronize to online family tree

    Final answer from Wholly Genes: At this time there are no plans to sync TMG data automatically to any genealogy website.
  8. synchronize to online family tree

    In case anyone was waiting with bated breath, I did get a response from TMG support. The response was 'What do you mean by "to synchronize"?' So they've never heard of the feature, which is not very promising. I know of 4 programs that include it, but it appears that the people at whollygenes aren't paying attention. I've used TMG since version 1.2 and remember when it was the gold standard of genealogy programs. So sad.
  9. synchronize to online family tree

    At present, when I find new information, I update my database in TMG; then I have to update the files for my website; then, in order to increase the odds that other people who are researching the same lines will find me and share info, I have to manually update the tree I've posted at familysearch or rootsweb. Other programs have automated the process of updating online trees, so my question is - when is TMG going to add this feature? Telling me to use SecondSite to create my own website is not helpful - I've already done that. Telling me all your reasons why I don't want to post my tree on one of the popular sites is not helpful. I do want to post there, and my question was about automating the process, which can be done with other programs. The only reply so far that is at all helpful was from Jim, who said that I'm unlikely to get a reply from support@whollygenes.com. This is disappointing, but confirms the impression I get from looking around the website. When I click on "Recent Releases", the most recent date is in 2009. Under "Announcements" the most recent date is in 2011. The changelog file goes up through v 8.07 - but I have 8.08. Other than the cruise announcement, the whole website has the feel of a house whose occupants have moved out. I have stayed with TMG for many years because of certain specific features that I value, which have not been provided by other programs. But this feature, which seems very valuable to me, is provided by other programs; and if TMG has no interest in providing it, then it might be time for me to move on, probably to RootsMagic.
  10. synchronize to online family tree

    Virginia - Yes, I have done that. But it's much more likely that genealogists are going to look at familysearch or rootsweb than at debbieshields.com. So I want to post my info there, I would like to automate the process of updating it, and my original question remains. Debbie
  11. synchronize to online family tree

    Michael - I post my family online in order to connect to others who are researching the same lines. Telling me that the websites can't handle all of the details and therefore I shouldn't post online is distinctly unhelpful. When I update my info in TMG, being able to automate the update of the online tree would be a huge advantage - much better than having to make all the changes manually. So my original question remains.
  12. When will TMG include the ability to synchronize to my family tree on familysearch.org or rootsweb?
  13. TMG8 Project Explorer missing names

    I'm upset with support because of all my time they wasted by telling me "try this", "try that" instead of just acknowledging that it is a known bug!
  14. TMG8 Project Explorer missing names

    I don't see the problem in the sample project - but the sample only has 45 names. My project has over 2000 names, and I suspect that the number of names is relevant, since the gaps only appear with the higher ID numbers when sorted by ID number. I turned off all preference for PE except ID number & asterisk - no effect.
  15. TMG8 Project Explorer missing names

    Thanks for verifying the bug - which creates another mystery: why did Wholly Genes technical support make me jump through so many hoops (reinstall, uninstall & reinstall, change this, change that, etc) for a known bug of long standing? Changing the preferences & changing back did NOT fix it.