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  1. Thank you Terry. Option two is exactly what I was looking for. Your wisdom and willingness to help are very much appreciated... Rick
  2. I am trying to create a journal descendant report. I want to suppress mention of the first husband of one of the descendants. Putting a hyphen at the start of the sentence for the marriage and divorce tags eliminates mention of these two events. The problem is that the sentence "There were no known children of XX and XY." is still generated. How do I get the journal report to suppress the above sentence? Rick
  3. journal report and HELVSS75 font

    I am disappointed that no one has offered a solution (or at least commiseration). But, I can appreciate that v7 is old news and that the focus is now on v8. I have tried many different things to try to get a PDF file that does not use the HELVSS75 font. Including trying to generate a journal report with v8...but I am not at liberty to talk about that. What I finally got to work was to: - backup my database on my WIN7 64-bit computer - fire up TMG on my old XP 32-bit computer - restore my database - generate my journal report to WORD doc format - open the doc file in WORD 2003 - print the journal report to the PDF995 printer This annoying workaround did have the benefit of creating a PDF file with the endnotes integrated with the journal report instead of having two separate PDF files. Here's hoping that v8 will be the solution to ALL of our problems... Rick
  4. I am using TMG v7.04.0000 Gold under Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit. The journal report in TMG uses the HELVSS75 font for superscripted source reference numbers. The HELVSS75 font is used regardless of what font I may specify in the exponent field on the Fonts tab in the journal report options. The HELVSS75 font is unique to TMG. I have tried report destinations of Acrobat (PDF) and printer PDF995 with the same result. I have tried deleting/resetting the journal report. I need to distribute journal reports via email to people potentially having slow internet connections (need small PDF files). I therefore do not want to imbed fonts in the PDF file (makes large PDF files: 2,380KB vs 75KB). I therefore need to use universally available fonts (HELVSS75 is not universally available). Why does TMG provide an option to specify the font to use for exponents/superscripts and then ignore that option? Since I cannot output a journal report to WORD .doc format or .rtf, how can I produce the desired PDF journal report? Rick
  5. I am using TMG Gold v7.04.00 on a Dell Studio 1747 running Windows 7 Pro 64. I was having trouble saving a report to a PDF file, but that is corrected now - thanks to the excellent instructions on this forum. Now, however, I cannot get watermark to work when saving a report to a PDF file. I select a List of People report, select Save To: File Type: Acrobat (PDF), then click the Properties button to open the PDF Properties dialog. I tried selecting In Front Of Page Contents and Behind Page Contents in the Watermark field. I tried a couple of different sizes of fonts. But when I create the report, the resulting file has no watermark text visible. The file is created with the desired page contents, just no watermark. I have searched this forum, but find no mention of this issue. Rick
  6. list of events question

    Thank you to all who responded to my question. I looked at the List of People report and came up with a report that will work. The key is the Output Column named Spouse's Name Group* tag; Surname. It is not ideal but since this is a working document, it is OK. An example of the report is attached (somewhere). Terry's suggestion sounds like more effort than I am willing to expend when there is an easier solution. I do believe that since TMG is good enough to provide a way to enter the name that a person was using at the time of an event, that there ought to be a way to access that information in reports. It seems to me that there would be a broad general use for wanting to print the name used at the time of a given event. In that spirit, I hereby submit the above to the keeper(s) of the Wish List. sample.PDF
  7. I am planning a trip to a cemetery. I want a list of people known to be buried in that cemetery. I used the 'List of Events' to create a report. No problem, so far. Among the Output Columns I chose 'Prin1 Surname' This prints the birth surname. Married women usually have their MARRIED surname on their grave markers. I have entered a 'Name-Marr' tag for these women with their married surname. When I entered the burial tag for these women, I selected the married surname in the field opposite the principal-1 field. I tried adding the Column 'Prin1 OtherName', but no joy. So, I am looking for help in creating a listing with the married surname for married women. Thank you.
  8. TMG Gold v6.12 Ran Maintenance > Validate File Integrity The resulting message window tells me: 714 external exhibit files were checked. 1 exhibit file was not found. Is there a log file or other place that I can look that will tell me WHICH one of those 714 exhibit files was not found?
  9. List of Ancestor Surnames

    Thanks, Joanne. The Distribution report is not one that I am familiar with. I learned something new. This report gets rid of the duplicates. But it adds the columns for frequency and percent. I think it might be easier to edit out the duplicates from the list of people report. Rick
  10. I wish to create a list of my ancestor surnames. I thought this would be easy. I used the 'List of People' report with a filter of 'Ancestors of #3' (me). And then specified the output as the Surname field. This gave me a list of all my ancestor surnames, but I got duplicates for each occurance of an ancestor with the same surname. The only way that I see to get the list I want is to output this list to a file and then edit the file to eliminate the duplicates. This seems like a common report to want to run, so I am guessing that I am missing something. Any tips? Rick
  11. MEMO tag

    Thank you for yor help.
  12. MEMO tag

    What 'rules' does the MEMO tag play by? I have several persons that have multiple MEMO tags. When I display an Ind Narr Preview, the MEMO tags display (along with other tags) in order of the SORT DATE (as I expect them to). However, in a descendant journal report ALL of the MEMO tags appear at the END of the paragraph for the individual. Why the inconsistency? Is there an option or setting in the journal report that controls the placement of this one tag?
  13. I am entering a new source. Specifically, the source type is Interview. But this question applies to any source type with a name field. In a name field, I can enter a person ID number. The name field then displays the person's primary name. I do not want the primary name. I want an alternate name. When I type a name into the name field that held an ID number, I get a message: There is currently a link by ID number to John Jones (100). You can change the primary name of that person or the override citation field(s) to control the way in which that name is reflected in the output. If you change the name here instead, it will disconnect the link by ID number. I do not want to change the primary name. How do I override the primary name and select a variation? I am using TMG v6.07.000 Gold under XP Pro SP2.
  14. Journal report - register format

    An illustration of how TMG creates a journal report in HTML format can be seen at http://www.blandinfam.com/blanding/wmblandesc040001.htm I have also attached a PDF sample from this web page (I think). HTML.pdf