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  1. Mother/wife duplication

    I think what you need to do is to delete the ID number in the Mother tag not the tag itself.
  2. It would help to have a bit more specifics. I take it not all dates are off by one day from your entry. So what dates are affected? Do they jump forward or fall back by a day? I've not had any noticeable problem, but from you question I don't even know where to look.
  3. Off-Topic - MyHeritage

    I've had no problem with MyHeritage and use it as well as Ancestry and Family Search. They've actually been pretty good about extending my subscription when I won a door prize on one of the Family Tree Webinar sessions. I did complain when they and Family Tree merged because they were offering half price subscriptions for Family Tree users that did not already have MyHeritage membership. Have you checked out the daily genealogical bargains website? The links there work well and are legitimate. As John says, don't give personal information to someone who calls you. Sue
  4. A little question about 9.03

    The latest upate for TMG 9 is 9.05. Please check the messages on this forum. There are many that have the link to download version 9.05. Sue
  5. Windows 10 TMG 9.05 "not responding"

    I wonder if it has something to do with being a tablet running TMG. Is it running in tablet mode? Do you have the option to switch from tablet mode? I've got a keyboard attached to mine so I don't usually run in tablet mode and I have not had a problem but then it was an 8.1 upgraded to Win 10.
  6. Norton tagging forum as unsafe

    Thanks Jim. By the way everybody, this morning Norton 360 no longer tagged this site as unsafe and I no longer had to ignore it and log in anyway. Perhaps they finally listened to myself and other users telling them this was an okay site. It seems sometimes if a site has little traffic they label it as not safe. Sue
  7. Norton tagging forum as unsafe

    I've modified my Norton safe surfing settings to turn of just the 'block malicious pages'. This will notify you that they think the page is unsafe, but allow you to log on to the site. This still allows Norton safe search to evaluate sites. Seems a lot of their non-recommendations are simply made because the site isn't very active. This is very likely on this site. What is the purpose of the chat forum? Can anyone tell me?
  8. Norton tagging forum as unsafe

    Unfortunately I had to turn Safe Search off in Norton. There is an option to turn it off for a limited amount of time, until you reboot your system or permanently. Turning it off for a limited amount of time, just to access this site works. You can also click on the red x labeling the site as unsafe (or the message that might appear at the top of the screen) to allow access anyway. If you've got your password vault open, you'll then get another message that will ask you whether you want to autofill anyway. So you can log on even when Safe Search flags the site, you just have to go through a lot of hoops to do that. Sue
  9. Norton tagging forum as unsafe

    After disabling Safe Search (maybe not a good idea for all sites), I could go straight through the log in procedure with no error messages to disregard. I did use Norton's procedure to have them re-evaluate the page, but have no idea how long a fix, if there is one, will take place. Meanwhile I'm definitely thinking of switching to another security package as an add on to native Windows. Sue
  10. Norton tagging forum as unsafe

    Okay, Used Edge (no Norton toolbar or safe installed) and had no problem. Will check Firefox and IE again after disabling Safe Search (I think the more likely culprit in Norton). Sue
  11. Norton tagging forum as unsafe

    I tried that. Still didn't work. Perhaps a problem with Norton's Identity Safe? Or IE. Will try a different browser and no automatic logon. Sue
  12. Norton tagging forum as unsafe

    I've used Norton for quite a few years and like Paul said, I just started getting the message yesterday. I've been thinking about changing to another, but dread redoing customizations. Sue
  13. I've had the following problem for the last two days. When I try to get to the www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index page to logon, Norton flags it as an unsafe page. I can continue to the site and eventually get logged in. I clicked on the details in the warning and got the following: name of threat Trojan Malscript and the address (not what I expected) //blog.whollygenes.com Has anyone else had this happen? Does anyone know why it is happening? Sue
  14. TMG 9.05 and Window 10

    How about trying a search for 'expired version'. I think one of these responses from Terry Riegel has a link to one of his published articles. Sue
  15. TMG 9.05 and Window 10

    This question has been asked many times beginning with Windows 8. Please right click on the icon and select run as administrator. Enter your license information when asked. This should cause the information to be placed where Win 10 won't remove it. You should then be able to run TMG normally. Sue