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  1. Why did my witnessed events stop appearing in the person view of the witnesses? I am using Advanced Data Entry, and it was working in version 7. Thanks
  2. Virginia, Howard, Terry and all, I think my solution is to make a New Project, with only one data set (multiple data sets were causing problems) The files in the Configuration Files Directory are stable amd work fine, And I copy the flp files to the project directory, and it seems to work fine. My main problem was finding the directory (Cinfigeration Files) for the rpt files, and having multiple data sets in one project. Now, the reports seem to work correctly, and I can use the relationship Flag with Second Site to generate a list of surnames for use of the Relative Finder and Family Finder DNA tests. I appreciate every ones assistance. Larry
  3. When trying to make each individual report work, I see a blank filter window. I am using Lee's filters. Of corse the Book manage will not work with the filters not there. I am in the specified directories, the Configuratin Files Directory and the Project directory. I even went into the ASCII files and made sure that the Flags are named properly. I probably will look at the Report files "before" and compare athe m to "after" files when they are working. I think I finally got the correct filesinto the correct directories. Lee's instructions say " This file contains 22 files including this one. Twelve of these files (eleven RPT Type files and one RPB Type file) should be moved to the folder shown in your Preferences=>Project=>Advanced=>Reports option. The remaining nine FLP type files should be moved to the folder in which your project files are located. So if you installed TMG in the usual folder and have not changed the location of the Reports folder in Preferences, then you should move the RPT & RPB files to C:Program FilesThe Master GenealogistReports. And if your project was created in the default folder as set in Preferences on installation, then you should move the FLP files to the default projects folder, e.g., C:Program FilesThe Master GenealogistProjects. If you have multiple projects located in separate folders, you should place these filters in the same folder as that of the project for which you wish to use the filters. The files here are as follows: ReadMe RelBy.TXT <= This file RelBy001.RPT RelBy002.RPT RelBy003.RPT RelBy004A.RPT RelBy004B.RPT RelBy005A.RPT RelBy005B.RPT RelBy006A.RPT RelBy006B.RPT RelBy007A.RPT RelBy007B.RPT Related By Flag.RPB RelBy003.FLP RelBy004A.FLP RelBy004B.FLP RelBy005A.FLP RelBy005B.FLP RelBy006A.FLP RelBy006B.FLP RelBy007A.FLP RelBy007B.FLP The above applies to WinXP and earlier. If you are using Window Vista or later (Win7) then You should move the RPT & RPB files to the "The Master GenealogistConfiguration_files" folder in your My Documents folder. The filter files should continue to be placed in the folder where your project files are stored." After all this discussion, I think that the RPT and RPB files should be in the configeration s Directory? In the Book Generator, how do I stop all the confirmationd pop up windows. I have that option not checked.
  4. Virginia, I see the same thing. BUT, when I select a report that uses the filters, I get a message "Please Select or enter a filter definition." Have you actually tried to use one of the reports? Larry
  5. I have a project wherI can generate the Related_By flag correctly for members of the project. I just tested everything with a new project. The Report definitions that are working are in the configeration directory. I created the two appropiate flags in the new project. I copied the working *.FLP foles from the project where they are working, to the new project. When I select a report, and look at the defining "Filter Group", it is empty. Non of the filter definations are in any of the reports in the new project. For some reason, all the critical information that makes the filters work, is missing. However , I can click on the empty field and get a list of defination files that have been created before. By nameing them carefully, ie setup 1 , setup 2 etc, I can rebuild the filters for the report. The Book Manager still stops amd beeps on each report about 4 or 5 times per report. Larry
  6. Lee, Thanks. It seems that I must be doing things out of sequence. As I said your related by is great, but when I create a new project, do I have to create the Interim Flag and the Related by flag before copying the filters? So far, every time I've tried this, all the filters get reset yto defaould Sex = flags. Also when I try to run the Book Manager, it stops on every filter and give the screen prompts, even when I have the option to suppress outputs checked. It is because all the filters get clobbered that I have to check eax=ch filter again and correct them. I suspect that if I create the project, import the GED, create the Interim and Related by flag,,then run each filter it might work. That is about the only thing I haven't tried. It would sure be nice to copy the filters aand run the book manager without all the problems and book manager stopping on every filter about thre times. Thanks Lee.
  7. Virginia, Does TMGT Support have any ideas about how toi do what I am trying to do. Is there any hooks into the Kinship report, or any way to get portability in Flags Filters and Reports so tha ta User doesn't have to write the filters again in a new project?
  8. Robin, that is what iscausing most of my problems. When a filter is executed, it don't find the tag, and sets everything to efault conditions. TMG has provisions to compute a relationship, but there are no hooks to it that I can find. This should be so simple -------
  9. Virginia, Thanks for your reply. It doesn't work very well when I do it. On reports, the secondary output does not change the correct flags even after I've added them. The report filters are not the same for the reports. I'll tell you what I'm doing. I have been doing DNA research for elevin years. The new autosomal tests are really good, if one has a complete list of related people. I have used Lee's reports generate flags that can be used to get a list of people who are related to a subject. see http://www.tmgtips.com/Related_By.htm These filters are not easy to write and use report filters, Flags and reports. I have got them working in a project, but I want to use them in a new project. They loose all relationships in a new project, ie report 4 looses the filter criteria and works with the wrong flags. It appears that I haved to go into each new project and re-write all the filters and reports. Is there any way to get theser to work, or a better way to do it in the new version 8? Believe me, this is an immense aid for DNA Genealogy. Using John Cardinals Second Site with the results of these filters gives a good report. I'll email you my web page if yo tell me wher to send it. This Filtering capability is one of the big selling points for TMG Larry
  10. I have some reports with their associated filters and flags that I use very often. How do I create a new project, new people and everything, that will include these same reports, filters and flags. I tried to find the files in Version 8, but it appears the file structure is different? Anyway, I have reports with their associated filters and flags that I woul like to get into New projects. Any help appreciated. Larry
  11. Jim, Thanks for the location of the storage files info. I get confused wether I should use the TMG Help files, or try to find them on the Help forum on line. I really don't want to know how the program works, I just want a genealogy tool. Thanks Larry
  12. I finally got an install that is working. The program did not install into a Program Files (X86)/The Master Genealogist ver 8, but rather into C:UsersLarryAppDataLocalProgramsThe Master Genealogist v8" , and that is fine with me. I had to find and eleminate every occurance of anything associsted witth The Master Genealogist ver 8, clean my register and restart my machine, then run the install. Even then, after the install was complete, thesplash screen would not close. Since the program starts and appears to work properly, I assume it is properly installed? I guess I can get back to my genealogy now. Will future updates, if any, install correctly now? Thanks for everyones help. Larry
  13. Jim, where is the "Data File Storage help topic."? It is not a top level topic?
  14. Varginia, all paths I posted were from the TMG icon properties. I looked in the AppData because that path was displayed when I was searching for files. St this point I have deleted everything I can find associated with ver 8, but when I try to run the Install program, it does not install, and it offers me NO OPTIONS as to users, path etc, which according to Jim is because thereare still remenants of a failed install. I've lookded in Program Files (X86), Program Data, every AppData path I can find, taher Virtual Satore that Jim pointed out, and I've used a standard Register Cleaner. It found a few brances in several places anc cleaned them. Do you have a list of all the registry changes yuour install package uses so I can use REGEDIT to delete them? Pardon all my typos, but I am blind and don't want to clean up my posts because of effort and time, I just want to solve the problem. Larry Larry
  15. Jim, I found and deleted the Virtual Store TMG ver 8 directory. I have not worked with any other program that used the Virtual Store directory, but that shouldn't be a surprise as I retired in 1995 :-) I( have deleted any and all TMG ver 8 directories I can find, program files (X86), Appata both ny and all users local and roaming. I have cleaned my registry of any and all references to ver 8. I deleted the "Installer" in Program Data. Wahen I double click the ver 8 setup, I get the flash screens, on to a pont wher it tells me it will install to c:--Program files (X86), does not present any options. When I click on install, ist doesw nothing. I know on previous attempts, I could run as administrator and it would instal, but not to the defauldt directories. Any thin els I can delete other than version 7? When I manage to get ver 8 installed, all open file instructions default to my documents/ver 7 files. Does TMG have a "wipe Out" program to destroy any and all remenents of a ver 8 bad install. I remember Nero had to do that. :-) I am not going to force another install. I'll wait until the install program offers me options for the patchs, users etc. Any thing else I can delete. From you previous comment, there is something left that is preventing me getting install options.