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  1. I have been using TMG since 2005. I now use Gold UK Edition v 8.08.0000 This Web Site has been a life-saver in the past (for instance sorting a problem with constant request for unlock key after installation on a Windows 10 Computer). But I am a total computer software amateur (trying to improve as I have now retired). I missed the opportunity to upgrade to Version 9. As I understand it, there is no longer A) support, and licences to upgrade. Is there anyone out there who could briefly summarise: The differences between UK and other TMG versions. The Versions that remain useable on Windows 10. The way lock codes etc work with respect to use and licences ( for example I have versions V 6, V 7, and V8 hard and soft copies and various "unlock" codes obtained over the years since 2005, but I really do not understand if any of this is useful to me or anyone else), The best place to get support and/or advice (other than this site, noting there is pretty much nothing recent on the Version 8 "bulletin board" (is that the correct term ?)). And who are the kind generous people (with their time and energy) that keep this site operating. Will it continue ? regards NickSlatt
  2. Failure during upgrade to TMG 8.01

    I had the same problem as Eric Powell. In the end I re-installed from the version 8.0 disc that I had bought. It seems to work now and also seems to be version 8.01 when I checked under Help