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Found 3 results

  1. I have been using TMG since 2005. I now use Gold UK Edition v 8.08.0000 This Web Site has been a life-saver in the past (for instance sorting a problem with constant request for unlock key after installation on a Windows 10 Computer). But I am a total computer software amateur (trying to improve as I have now retired). I missed the opportunity to upgrade to Version 9. As I understand it, there is no longer A) support, and licences to upgrade. Is there anyone out there who could briefly summarise: The differences between UK and other TMG versions. The Versions that remain useable on Windows 10. The way lock codes etc work with respect to use and licences ( for example I have versions V 6, V 7, and V8 hard and soft copies and various "unlock" codes obtained over the years since 2005, but I really do not understand if any of this is useful to me or anyone else), The best place to get support and/or advice (other than this site, noting there is pretty much nothing recent on the Version 8 "bulletin board" (is that the correct term ?)). And who are the kind generous people (with their time and energy) that keep this site operating. Will it continue ? regards NickSlatt
  2. I received this message when trying to restore a project from a backup. All the backups prior to this were OK. All the backups after it have some corruption which produces error messages starting with #111 when I try to access the Master Place List. If I click through them the Master Place list appears; however 'sort' does not function and until I reload TMG other functions cease to operate: data set manager; master source list etc The single backup which produces the above error message (BUG - There are problems with CDX files) causes the program to fall-over. Unfortunately I do not use the Master Place list function very often and it was 6 months afterwards (and much data entry) that I first noticed the problem and searched back to find the origin. I had been in discussion with Wholly Genes about it but none of their suggested fixes work - and I now find out that they have ceased to exist!!! I have already tried many things: reindexing; optimising; running in repair mode; validating but none seem to notice that there is a problem. I have used the program in 2 different versions (7.03 and 7.04) on two different Windows (Vista and 7). I have also run a working 'sample project' simultaneously with my present faulty project and they do not seem to interact with one another. Although the error messages are the normal gibberish it appears to stem from an Invalid Column Index on the Master Place list. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. John Whitelock
  3. I currently seem to have a US edition of TMG - it is the Gold 7.04 edition. I'm not sure why I have US, as I have always been in the UK since I had TMG and I have mainly UK ancestors. What would be the best and cheapest way to upgrade to the UK Gold edition v8 and get my Projects and data changed to utilise all the UK formats and styles etc? i.e. Would it be easier to change over to the UK edition at v7 or v8?