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Found 4 results

  1. How do I export the Master Place List to Excel, including the designated Place Style for each entry? Thought I remember doing it but now can't find in either TMG or Utility. Thanks!
  2. Importing Places

    I'm a new user and have just imported data from Family Tree Maker 2008/2009. I have two issues, which I can correct, but am looking for an easier solution. First, in cleaning up the Master Place list, I have some 250 entries like the following, all sitting in the Country field: "Alabam Cemetery//Madison/Arkansas/USA/-1852//" and "All Saints Church/Helmsley/Yorkshire//England/-88885//" (without quotes) Many other Places ended up in the correct fields while others are easily moved with Ctrl and left arrow. The ones like the above examples move as a group which means editing with a lot of cutting and pasting (I'm a slow 2-finger typist). Is there an easier way to correct these rather than editing each one? And, out of curiosity, what do -1852, -88885, etc. mean? Second, I have over 200 PDF files as exhibits that did not import. Some are attached to multiple persons. At this point I can't see a way to get them into TMG other than copying them to the Exhibits folder and then manually adding then to the appropriate individuals. Any suggestions? Thanks, Artie Berry
  3. I received this message when trying to restore a project from a backup. All the backups prior to this were OK. All the backups after it have some corruption which produces error messages starting with #111 when I try to access the Master Place List. If I click through them the Master Place list appears; however 'sort' does not function and until I reload TMG other functions cease to operate: data set manager; master source list etc The single backup which produces the above error message (BUG - There are problems with CDX files) causes the program to fall-over. Unfortunately I do not use the Master Place list function very often and it was 6 months afterwards (and much data entry) that I first noticed the problem and searched back to find the origin. I had been in discussion with Wholly Genes about it but none of their suggested fixes work - and I now find out that they have ceased to exist!!! I have already tried many things: reindexing; optimising; running in repair mode; validating but none seem to notice that there is a problem. I have used the program in 2 different versions (7.03 and 7.04) on two different Windows (Vista and 7). I have also run a working 'sample project' simultaneously with my present faulty project and they do not seem to interact with one another. Although the error messages are the normal gibberish it appears to stem from an Invalid Column Index on the Master Place list. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. John Whitelock
  4. I have a friend who uses TMG that has entered a « Country » throughout his TMG project for every place in his database outside of his home country, but not when places were within his home country. In these cases, he left the « Country » field blank. Now, he wants to fill these null value fields with his home country's name. (For this discussion, let's say he wants to put in « USA » in every « Country » field that is blank.) Going into the Master Place List and replacing all of the blank fields with « USA » is a possibility, however it appears he has more than 1,500 home country locations that need the correction, so doing this manually would be tedious and time consuming. Of course, using the « Replace » function in the Master Place List would be ideal, however, the search and replace operation does not work if one of the variables is a null value, e.g. the « search » field is blank and the « replace » field has « USA ». What would be the fastest way to accomplish this task? Thank you for your reply. Earl