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  1. Importing gedcoms

    You're going to need to check the GEDCOM and see if the import reflects the GEDCOM. You could edit the GEDCOM file with MS Word and create a macro to do the switch. In TMG, your only option is to open the Master Place List and edit the places one-by-one. You can retype or copy/paste... whichever is faster.
  2. Importing gedcoms

    As far as I know, the setting adjusts automatically for your GEDCOM and is meaningless. The import will deal with any legal GEDCOM line length automatically. The value that you see is based on the initial scan of the GEDCOM being imported and is of informational use only. Have you seen any evidence of the text being clipped? You are going to need to open the Master Place List and edit those places one by one. One wonders why the place parts are swapped around in the GEDCOM file. There's no evidence that the import is swapping them around?
  3. Please do not respond to this topic. If you need to discuss one of the issues below, please start a new topic. Since the release of v6.03.000, several issues have been reported by the user community on this forum and on TMG-L. Some of these issues were covered in TMG v6 forum topics that have been lost. I just wanted to list those issues, that I'm aware of, so that they don't need to be reported again. These have been reported in bug submissions and passed on to the developers. 1) There are several Expanded Picklist items being worked on by the developers. These include a "grayout" or "freezing" or "lockup" issue when using the Expanded Picklist to select individuals. 2) When adding a wife with Add Person and having the Name-Marr tag automatically created following the Add Person process, any citations created for the Name-Marr tag are duplicated. 3) There remains one case of the expanded memo losing any text additions/edits when the expanded memo is saved. This happens when you open a Relationship tag and hit F7 to expand the memo field. Work-around -- To avoid this text loss, click into the memo field before expanding it with F7 or expand the field by clicking on the [Memo] button. 4) The conditional brackets do not work for the father [FATH] and mother [MOTH] sentence variables. Even with the conditionals, the "unknown person" phrase appears. 5) The scroll bar on the read-only memo field on the Data Set Manager screen doesn't work. Note -- To edit the Data Set memo, click the [Edit] button. 6) Prompts appear under floating toolbars.
  4. Changing Newsletter subscription address

    And what do you do when a person wants different email addresses used for the forum and for the newsletter?
  5. OpenOffice.org works fine with documents output from TMG5/6 but there are a few tricks involved. 1) OO cannot deal with the Word document output by the TMG5/6 report writer. So the first requirement is that documents intended to be opened by OO should be output as Rich text Format (RTF). 2) Note that for the document to be opened from TMG after the report is output, OO must be the Windows default application for RTF files. In other words, the Windows file association for RTF files must be OO. 3) How to update the links for images in OO. Example... Journal report Report Options / Exhibits / Embedded Output to Rich Text File (RTF) After clicking Print&Save, we have the report and image files in one folder. Open the RTF document with OO. Edit / Links Select all image files Click [Modify] The Select Directory dialog should be pointing to the correct folder. (If not, you'll need to browse to the folder containing the document and image files.) Click [OK] Click [Close] The images should now show in the document. If the images have not been presized to a standardized size for the report, they will require resizing in the document just as you would need to do in Word or WordPerfect.
  6. Using OpenOffice.org with TMG documents

    In response to John's comment above... True but you can read and write to the older OpenOffice format. The current v2 beta (1.9.104) will read TMG-generated Word files. Tested the Journal report with TOC, embedded exhibits, bibliography, index and endnotes. I see a few issues that I'm still trying to figure out (such as formatting of the endnote numbers) but, as a whole, most parts of the document work fine.
  7. Using OpenOffice.org with TMG documents

    That's the case. I just downloaded the v2 beta to check it out. The above notes were made quite a while ago with an earlier version of OO and I was looking at the document after the first opening in OO. If you're using OO as your word processor, I would save in the OO native format rather than into another RTF.
  8. Members Map

    I'm not sure what that gained you. It's the same size map as before, isn't it?
  9. Cookies/2 computers

    Other than needing to log in, none that I can think of. It's equivalent to erasing the cookies on one machine. There is also a spelling checker cookie for words that you add.
  10. Forums via email?

    It's nice to have the threads tied together and there are several view options. I had the same initial reservations as you but have come to appreciate the forums.
  11. Forums via email?

    The forum can't be used as a mail list. The point of getting an email from a topic that you create or another is to have notification of additions to the conversation. You can also enable a 'subscription' that gives you an email notification of any new topic posted to forums of your choice. Read the Help topic: Email Notification of new messages
  12. Site Issue

    Note the 'Fast Reply' button lower down. That generates a reply with no quote.
  13. View New Posts Not Working

    I've always had the residue. I never log off but do close the browser between visits. It's now been several hours since my last visit and the residue has cleared. I agree that logging off/on clears the residue. That's always been the case. I just had 6 new posts. Clicked mark all forums as read. Clicked view new posts again. The 6 items are still there as residue but now marked as read. (Back after a few more hours and the 6 residual items are gone.) Sounds about right to me.
  14. View New Posts Not Working

    It has actually worked like this forever. The read topics eventually are removed from the new posts list. There is some sort of time factor (2 hours after being marked as read?). What you follow are the new posts highlighted in orange and ignore those that you have marked as read.
  15. Well... you can't add a button to the Standard toolbar... But you can... Recreate the Standard toolbar using the Custom toolbar. Add one or more additional buttons to the Custom toolbar. And replace the Standard toolbar with the Custom toolbar in your layout.
  16. Wish List Forum

    This board should be considered to be an official WG support tool. TMG-L is a user-to-user peer discussion list. John suggested that my initial response in this reply was brusque. Fair enough. That wasn't intended. Basically, a wish list forum and wish list forum polls fall into the same bucket and Bob's reply in the referenced topic really covers both. Glenn asked "Will there be a Wish List Forum..." and Bob answered "No". Users are encouraged to post their ideas about program features and suggestions both on this board and on TMG-L.)
  17. Wish List Forum

    Just start a topic for discussion in the appropriate Support forum (TMG5, TMG5UK or VCF).
  18. Wish List Forum

    Read through this topic. Some discussion about polls and wish lists TMG-L is a better place for extended discussions of user-proposed features.
  19. Can't Chat -- it fails

    Bill, Bob and I just tried the chat and it worked fine for us. I'm running WinXP SP-2, IE6 and Sun Java. Jim
  20. Edit the Topic line

    I would think that it is better to have the generalized topic and edit the content as necessary. I'll fix that for you.