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  1. Copy and Paste issue

    Following your lead, I seem to have found a work-around - although I don't know why it worked. I created an empty Repeat_files directory on a different drive. Using preferences, I then directed repeat files to the new directory, followed by reinitialising repeat files. And things now seem to be working for the moment. I hope this helps if others have a similar issue.
  2. Copy and Paste issue

    Thanks Jim. We're clearly in the right area. If I delete the files in the Repeat_files directory, I can then copy and paste into citations. But then, if I try and save a citation screen, or try and reinitialise repeat files, an Open dialogue appears with a blank name panel. I can then do nothing else but cancel this off until an abort option appears - with the text: Alias 'REPEAT' is not found 43 REPPUSH (or sometimes 50 REPPUSH). If I repopulate the Repeat_files directory, it returns to its original behaviour.
  3. Copy and Paste issue

    Many thanks for the suggestions Deleting the Reapeat_files folder contents produced a slightly different error message: ErrorMarker: Cannot update the cursor REPEAT, since it is read-only. 76 REPPUSH Removing the read-only checkbox in file explorer had an interesting effect. Opening properties apparently allowed it to be removed for the folders contents, as per your suggestion. But if you close file explorer and reopen it, the checkbox once again says read-only.
  4. Copy and Paste issue

    Sadly, Initialise Repeat Files has no effect (nor any of the other file maintenance tools).
  5. When I try and copy and paste into a citation box, or try and use the repeat keys, I get the following error message: ErrorMarker: Cannot update the cursor REPEAT, since it is read-only. 92 REPPUSH Initialising the repeat files has no effect. Disabling Kaspersky also has no effect. But it does seem to have started with the latest Window 10 update. I would be grateful for any suggestions on this one. Thanks
  6. Apologies for not being clear - I'd actually been trying to create backups where TMG seemed to want them to be - on the main internal system drive (C:/). They're now working properly on a dedicated data drive (D:/).
  7. Your comment gave me the clue for a fix to this one - and you must be absolutely correct that something is interfering with the Windows 10 system drive - although I've no idea what the culprit is. I've got OneDrive at as arms length as possible, without actually uninstalling it (that might yet happen) - and the same applies to Windows Defender. After looking through many other possible processes I couldn't identify the cause - so decided to try and side-step it. Accordingly, I redirected the backups to an internal data drive (a standard RAID array) and immediately, backup worked again. Many thanks for the clue!
  8. This same problem has just appeared after a Windows 10 feature update. Just backing up project files, accents and filters only, using backup folder on system drive and not including external exhibits hasn't helped. I'm having to keep my old Windows 7 workstation going just to reliably run TMG at the moment (happily was running them in parallel until TMG stabilised on the Windows 10 workstation). Thanks for any help!
  9. Sadly, my Windows 7 workstation died and I am reluctantly having to move to a Windows 10 installation. TMG 9.05 appeared to install fine. I then ran it in administrator mode and entered the registration details - which were accepted. So far so good. The situation now is that when I open TMG normally, it tells me I have an expired trial version - but if I open it in administrator mode (lots of extra scrolling and button presses) it opens with the full registered version. Is there any way to have TMG open normally into the full registered version? (I'm presuming I may have missed something obvious!). Thanks
  10. I had exactly this problem. I don't know why, but what fixed it for me was to download the installer from the main TMG website and then run it as administrator - choosing the 'repair' option at the relevant point.
  11. Error creating reports

    Hello Virginia Many thanks for your very helpful suggestions. I tried the multiple monitor setting, which provided a partial fix - the reports with a graphic output (e.g. Fan Chart) then started to display, but those with a text output (e.g. Narrative or Kinship previews) still stubbornly did not display. However, you provided the clue, and I did find a fix that seems to work. Remembering advice on this forum for (I think) printing issues, I cleared all other programs and then ran TMG as administrator. That, unexpectedly, caused a dialogue to appear requesting that I register TMG. So I re-entered my details and serial number and re-registered TMG8. Since then, all the previews display correctly, even when TMG is not run as administrator. Nigel
  12. Error creating reports

    Hello Virginia I have a shorter error document in the Logs folder, which contains: 16-07-2013, 17:30:31 1234Subscript is outside defined range. 5 FRMEVENTS.CNTPARENTCHILD1.CNTPARENT.CMBNAMESEL.MSETNAME There is no icon in the task bar for the screen preview. I do have two monitors, but there is nothing showing on the second monitor. I don't know if it is relevant, but every so often I get the 'structure version missing' error message when starting TMG (at a guess once every 20 or 30 starts) - which clears on a second start (when TMG appears to be rebuilding indexes). Many thanks Nigel
  13. Error creating reports

    Hello I have a very similar problem to Ann with screen previews of any report. They used to show fine, but now all I get is a series of pop-up boxes which flash rapidly on and off, the last of which is red. The red box appears very briefly and I can only read "100%" in the text of that box.. I would be grateful if you have any other suggestions what might be the cause. Am running TMG version 8.08 on Windows 7 64-bit. with TMG data held on a RAID array.
  14. I am considering moving from Windows to one of the Linux variants - but definitely don't like the idea of leaving TMG behind. Using the Wine emulator on Linux apparently allows many Windows programs to run quite well - does anyone have any experience of running TMG8 that way?
  15. I bought GedStar Pro for use with my Samsung Galaxy Note - and was very impressed with the results. A TMG database with just over 3,000 people transferred very easily indeed. You cannot edit it on the Note, but viewing seems easy and intuitive. So, just as for BJ, my data can go with me everywhere - and many thanks to Jim for the tip. (The Note is large phone/small tablet running the ICS version of Android.)