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  1. Need filter for non-primary tags

    Hi: I am not sure this is the correct place to post but my problem is this on the individual detail page where Type should be is Filtered and this was like this when I opened my TMG 8 for the first time. Not sure how it arrived and I have tried a bunch of things to remove it but they don't work. I can't get the V8.02 says I am up to date. Thank you in advance for help Cassandra
  2. Slave Schedule

    I would like to get some ideas as to how others are entering Census Slave Schedules, I ordered the Mills new book not here yet. Thanks for any help. Cassandra
  3. Census data

    Hi John, I have the census read out pretty nice and I have the exhibit attached to each person. I am trying to use the Betty Frain system just for the age given I like that and I have gotten it to print out for the Principal and the Principal Other but not for the children. I have tried writing to Betty Frain but she hasn't written me back. If you would like me to send you the way I have my census information let me know. Cassandra ctexas@charter.net
  4. Census data

    Hi Betty, I am trying to use your census information and I am trying to get the age given to appear for the witnesses, I did get the Principal's age to show up. I am sure I am missing some step, but for the life of me I can't see it Thank you in advance Cassandra
  5. I must be trying to fix this to hard because I can't get this to read out correctly or should I that makes sense. Not sure if I should use Grantee and Grantor or something else. I don't seem to like the wording on Land tag. I was wondering how other people do this? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks Cassandra