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  1. Thanks for the reply. I created the new project and made the changes you outlined but I get a fatal error when I try to open the database. The error occurs before I can reindex. Luckily, I made a copy fo the two files and no damage was done. I can email the L-files if you'd be kind enough to edit them for me.
  2. I imported my genealogy from Roots IV when it went defunct some years ago. One unforseen event was that every record had a task created in the TMG research log that gives a Last edited date from Roots IV. I'd like to purge the entire research log to clear these entries rather than do them one at a time, which is a gargantuan task. Does anyone have an idea about if this can be done and if so how to do it?
  3. Updates and Backup

    When you say back up to a disk - do you mean a 3.5 inch floppy disk, a hard drive, CDROM? What operating system are you using? If backing up to a floppy drive, then make sure the disk is not write protected and that it's properly formatted. Try a second floppy disk if one doesn't work. It's not unusual to get a disk that is defective. Depending on your operating system, the CDROM disk may need to be formatted. I generally backup to the local hard disk and then copy the backup to other removable media for storage.
  4. The text shows up in the Endnotes section on a Journal Report and in Individual Narrative Preview with Sources when selected from the main editing screen. Thank you for the assistance.
  5. I imported an Ultimate Family Tree database into TMG several months ago. I have most of the import problems worked out; however, when creating reports, I get text that says the following: "Comments: Last edited in Roots III on 12/24/1994." I'm not able to locate the source for this text. I'd like to know how to delete the source. All help is appreciated.
  6. I have one project with two data sets in it. I'd like to view the same person in 'Person View' mode side-by-side. That is, some persons exist in each data set and I'd like to them side-by-side to check for differences and possibly copy and paste some information from one data set to the other. I think I read that this is possible a few months ago, but now I can't find the link.
  7. Report Problem

    Thank you very much! That's just what I wanted to know.
  8. Report Problem

    I recently imported my genealogy data from The Ultimate Family Tree and many individuals have a death tag attached to his/her record where there is no death date or other death info. When I print a journal report, the text for the individual may say simpy: "Robert died." I'd like to eliminate this useless text and I suspect I'll need to delete the death tag for persons where there us no data associated with the tag. Is there any other way to supress text when there is no pertinent data? Also, if necessary, is there a way to delete all death tags where there is no pertinent data without doing each record individually? Thanks so much!