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  1. Thanks, Virginia, I know that I can back-up that way, I was just wondering about the funny behavior. Afina
  2. Thanks, Max. At least I am not alone. I don't think there is any particular series of keystrokes, just clicking the x in the corner does it; but I don't know. Afina
  3. I have set TMG to remind me to back up when I click the little close button in the top right hand corner A few days ago it suddenly stopped doing it, at least sometimes. There does not seem to be any pattern to it. I checked that the reminder option was still checked in the preferences and it was. When it closes without backing up, and I then re-open TMG, and close again, it will usually remind me to back-up again. In other words erratic behavior. Any thoughts? Afina
  4. Thanks Terry, Because it doesn't happen in the English version of my website, I was thinking it was a translation problem in TMG. But I will now post it in the Second Site list
  5. Thanks, Jim I updated, but the exact same thing happened again :-( Afina
  6. Tried for the first time to make a site from TMG8.05. I make both an English and a Dutch version. All went well in the English version, but received 80 errors in the Dutch version, all of them related to witness roles. This happened both with SS4, and with SS5 There seem to be two types of error messages:Role heir3/00006 not found for event Testament and person 135 (this a a will tag) Role Witness1/00009 not found for event OndertrPrim and person 2195 (this is a custom marriage tag) However, the roles are there, and I do not get an error for other people with the exact same role in the same event. It also does not seem to affect the outcome of the page. Is this a translation issue? As said above, the english version does not give me any errors. Thanks for any insights, anyone can provide Afina
  7. Is there a way to specify which Repository Address fields are output to the bibliography? It seems that only detail, city, county, state and country are in the output, but L9 and L10 are ignored. I created an e-mail place style, where these are website and email-address respectively, but I cannot get them to print in the repository address. Thanks for any advice, Afina
  8. Thanks for the answers. I have 8.04, and I hope the problem will be solved soon :-) I use roles extensively Afina
  9. I just discovered a number of puzzling things 1. In my Milit tag the 2nd principal role of list (to be able to generate a listing) had been reset to principal, In the tagbox it was still showing as List, but when opening the tag, it was Principal. 2. I fixed a bunch of them, then decided to edit the role a bit. This caused the role to shift to the bottom of the role list (it was in the #3 spot). When I moved it up again, all the instances, that were fixed, were back to Principal, but the ones that had not been fixed yet, were again the proper role I have noticed that in 8.04 the principal role seems to be ale to co-exist with a custom role (which I don't like, as no it takes 2 clicks to set roles for P1 and P2, where previously P2 would become the role under the one set for P1) I also don't like that it no longer seems possible to just edit a role name; you need to copy it. Any suggestions? Afina
  10. I like the idea of adding some exhibits to the citation, rather than to the event or the source. However, before I add too many, I would like to be able to generate a report that lets me find those citations that have an exhibit attached. In the list of citations report there is an option the find those citations where the source has an exhibit, but there seems to be no way to get a list of citations with an exhibit. Am I asking for the impossible, or am I overlooking something? Thanks, Afina
  11. Is it possible to construct an alternate sentence under the above conditions? I know it can be done with roles, but was hoping there was a way to modify the standard marriage sentence, so the result would be the normal sentence, if date and/or place were known, but if not the sentence would be [P] had a relationship with [PO]. I am fixing up a donated database, where there are about 6000 instances of this. Changing to roles would be too time consuming. I have tried several variations, but all without success. My question is: Is it actually possible without roles? Thanks, Afina
  12. Thanks John, I never realized SS could do that Afina
  13. I created a slideshow (TMG 7.04) in the slideshow manager, but now I am at a loss on how to link it to a tag. I use Second Site to create CDs and webpages, and would like to be able to get a link from the person page to the slideshow. Is there a way to do this, or am I wishing for the impossible? Thanks for any help, Afina
  14. Backup Problems Continued

    Tried system restore, but couldn't restore. So something must have changed drastically. :-( Afina
  15. Backup Problems Continued

    I don't back up external exhibits, so that cannot be the issue. Reformatting is not something I look forward to :-( Afina