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  1. I installed my 7.04 TMG on my new Win8 system today. Seems to work fine. Data is all there; but I think some FLP files from the sqz did not make the reinstall. TMG hung up once. I'm having trouble limiting the generations in an indented Desc. report; might just be I've forgotten how to stir the parameters...
  2. TMG7 won't open

    Wellllll, I've still got the problem. I thought maybe an "UnInstall" might help. I did that and then downloaded and installed (as the Administrator) a new copy of TMG7. This went pretty well, except it would not accept my registration key. I'm quite certain that same key worked late last year. So, at least now I can reload my sqz backup file; BUT in READONLY. The startup msg said to contact "Support" if it continued failing to accept my key.... But how do I contact Support? I couldn't find a phone number.... and I'm not sure they look at all these forum entries... And the really curious thing: When I tried to use the newly downloaded TMG7; the the (regular, non-Administrator) Win7 id: (Tom).......... I get that same message (with a Windows Logo) about a missing latmpdir.prg file is missing. I'm becoming convinced this is Win7, file integrity/security glitch of some kind. Thanks for your comment Virginia; I didn't expect TMG7 to accept a TMG6 backup... but thought it might do a "partial"...
  3. I reinstalled TMG7 when I bought a new computer with Win7. It worked for while, until I rearranged a top-level directory and it's files.. Now I immediately get an error msg about latmpdir.prg ...unable to find.... What is this file for? Am I suppose to find it? I tried downloading a new TMG7 ... both as Administrator and my normal user id: Tom Both still failed in the same fashion. And my old TMG6 doesn't want to load a TMG7 sqz backup file.... Suggestions?
  4. 6.04 won't backup

    I'm using 6.04 too.... and can NOT do a backup. It takes me thru the wizard stuff; seems to prepare a .sqz file; then says it can't write to the a: because some other program may have the a: locked. Not so. Also on an XP system. What is especially irritating is that it then goes on to say : "Finished..." all done backing up! or something close to that...
  5. Sorry to kind of misuse these forums.. but here's my problem: Delivery to the following recipients failed. webmaster@whollygenes.com From: Thomas Murphy <tr_murphy@hotmail.com> To: webmaster@whollygenes.com Subject: Link didn't work... Sent: Tuesday, November 1, 2005 7:22 AM I was trying to get some help on an order... so I copied the "'support" link... See results below! After I saw newsletter, I thought maybe they were holding up sending out the older 6.04.... Perhaps you could pass on my request to send a manual in the mean time. This is a bear: too numerous nuances!! .................................... This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed. support@whollygenes.com From: Thomas Murphy <tr_murphy@hotmail.com> To: support@whollygenes.com Subject: Shipment NOT Received Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005 4:47 PM I bought and paid for TMG on 10/20. Tracker (65031935) said it shipped that day.... AND I still have not received it!! What gives?? Tom