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  1. Chronological Report

    Is there any way to create a report, in date order, of all the events recorded in my project? I envisage something that looks like: Jan 1 1800, Birth of John Doyle, son of Edward Doyle and Mary Diffley Mar 16, 1800, Edward Doyle jailed for drunkeness June 3, 1801, Marriage of Peter Shanley and Bridget Reynolds etc Basically, I want to print the date, the names of the principles and the sentences, pretty much using the ones produced for each event. I know I can create a list of events, save it to a spreadsheet or document, and could then enter all the data manually - but is there anything that TMG or Second Site offers that could save a lot of work? Tom
  2. Failure during upgrade to TMG 8.01

    Terry, Thank you for putting me right on this - I should really have spotted that myself - the only excuse being the frustration suffered when all went 'belly-up." Thanks again - I expect this to work but will post if anything unexpected happens. Tom
  3. Failure during upgrade to TMG 8.01

    I have also met this problem, exactly as described above. And my situation is complicated in that I run the UK version - hence downloading the trial version from the website is of no use to me as this is the U.S./Global version. So am writing this partially as a warning to other U.K. version users, and also to ask is there any likelihood of a fix in the near future? I should mention that to resolve the problem I did a system restore and have simply continued to run V8.0 - but obviously this is not ideal when a newer version exists.
  4. Hi I recently upgraded to TMG7 and have successfully converted my files and all is well in most respect. I upgraded due to a new laptop which has Vista installed. On my desktop, everything seems fine, but on the Vista laptop, when I open VCF, the toolsbars are spread over 4 lines. I moved them to occupy only the top two lines. But when I next opened VCF they had moved back to their original positions. This loses me two lines of screens and is a definite nuisance. Is there any setting I can tweak to make them stay where I put them? Tom
  5. TMG performance issue with Clooz 2.

    Yes, that's a very good point about redundant data entry, and one that does concern me about Clooz (and a similar British product Custodian). On the other hand I am looking for something to create an inventory of all my sources, including what names are mentioned within them. I have a few TMG projects on the go, and at least some of the people in my sources do not relate to any of them. I suppose a simple database in Access would not be beyond me as a last resort. Thanks for the reply. Tom
  6. Hi. I use TMG6.12 (UK edition). I recently installed the trial version of Clooz 2 and sampled it. After closing it, I opened TMG and found the performance very sluggish - opening/closing/copying project all took an age, as did generating reports. I restarted the PC, and this time did not start Clooz, but when I opened TMG I got the same very slow responses. I uninstalled Clooz and tried TMG again, with the same result. Then I restored my system to the pre-Clooz installation point and retried TMG. Performance was completely restored to normal. I just wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences? And if so, does this imply that Clooz is a no-no if one wants to keep a smoothly running TMG? Tom
  7. People List and Sources

    Thanks Terry, I'll play around and see what happens. Tom
  8. Hi, back again to pick people's brains. I would like to create a report as follows: Person's name, Person's ID no, Person's Birth Year, Source(s) for that birth year. Person's Death year, Source(s) for tha t year. I can produce the name, ID and birth and death years, using the People List, but is there any way I can pull in the additional data? I've looked at the List of Citations, and can vaguely see how I might use exports to a Spreadsheet and a very tedious manual effort to achieve what I want, but just wondered if there was any easier way? Thanks for reading. Tom
  9. Somehow, I was afraid of that. It looks like I'd better regenerate and this time leave the shadows out. Ah well ... Thanks for your responses. Tom
  10. Hi all. Not certain if this should be under this forum or the VCF one but here goes... I produced an Ancestor Box chart from TMG. Got it into VCF and tidied it up a bit. Then I decided I didn't like the shadows under my boxes. But I can't get rid of them. No matter what I try amending in Detail Properties, or Default Properties, when I try Ungrouping the boxes, the option is 'greyed out'. Am I missing something, or is it just not possible to remove the shadows if I told TMG to create them in the first place? Tom
  11. Descendent Chart without unknown spouses

    Thanks, Robin. I'll certainly try that. Tom
  12. I am currently working on a pedigree from circa 1100 to c1800. For most of the early generations, the spouses are not recorded. I want to produce a Descendent Box Chart, but without these unknown spouses appearing. I can't find any way of suppressing them however. Am I just missing something, or is this something I will have to manually adjust after the chart is produced? Tom
  13. Post Project Merge Trauma

    Thanks for the advice. I have run the Maintenance options but they report no problems. I will try the option of merging again, in a new copy of course, and see if that works. Many thanks. Tom
  14. I recently merged 2 projects, and it went fairly well up to a point. There was a crash and when I reloaded I found a number of duplications had occurred. It seemed to add each source from each new person several times, and the same for each repository. These were not too cumbersome to manually edit. Now I've discovered that the program has taken each task assigned to an individual and set it up as a general research task, multiple times. I've got 1432 'general' research tasks. Is there any alternative to deleting these one at a time? Help! Tom
  15. Data Transfer

    Aha! Excellent. That never occurred to me. I think I know what to do with filters and settings, so I'll get cracking. Many thanks indeed. Tom