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  1. TMG Version 9

    What would TMG 9 get me, besides the word processor output that I don't already have with my present TMG 7 Gold?
  2. TMG Version 9

    I have TMG 7 Gold and I am having minor issues running it on my Win 10 machine. It apparently isn't saving serial # when I put it in. About every third time I open the program it asks me for the serial #. Will Version 9 run on Win 10? How can I get a copy?
  3. Exhibit File path changed

    I recently moved to a Win 10 machine from VISTA. TMG seems to run just fine except, I inadvertently ended up with a different file path on the new machine. This has caused a big issue with all of my exhibits. Is there any way of redirecting the file path for the exhibits short of doing each one individually?