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  1. http://www.jamesmilne-generations.dsl.pipex.com/ Family history from the North East of Scotland.
  2. I would like to put the Partner tag into the marriage group as mentioned, but: It is presently in the Other event tag group and my TMG User Guide states "Once a tag type has been assigned to a tag type group, it cannot be changed to another group." So my question is, how can I achieve this? (step by step guide appreciated)
  3. Image Viewer

    OK so there appears to be a bug when viewing external exhibits. I now have no pictures on TMG. No point in having nice pictures which degrade each time you view them. Anyone know if TMG are working on this problem and if so when a fix is likely? Is there a list of known problems that are being dealt with?
  4. Wish List - Research Log

    I am a new user to TMG but I use the "Keyword Filter" to sort my research tasks. I use "Pending" for tasks that I haven't started, "Started" for tasks that I am currently working on, and "Completed" for tasks that I have finished working on. Using the "Keyword Filter" option I can easily see which tasks I am currently working on. Perhaps you could arrange something similar.
  5. Source Elements

    I am a relatively new user and am currently creating lots of new master sources. My imported data from FTM made me realise how inadequate my previous source structure had been. However: Can anyone please advise me if it is possible to reposition "Source Elements" on the "Source Definition" screen, and if so how it is achieved. Seems like each time I assign a new element to a spare location it is inserted at random amongst the existing elements. I would like to be able to reposition the "source elements" so that elements with a common thread are next to each other, thereby facilitating data entry.