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  1. If I understand you correctly, this problem never showed up on your computer with my database. If that is true, then we know that my project was not corrupted, and that my TMG installation was not corrupted (since it was a fresh install). Therefore, the problem must have been caused by some interaction between the OS (Windows 10 - latest update) and TMG. Running on my machine in administrator mode fixed the problem, a repair that seems to extend into running TMG in non-administrator mode. The missing files appear to have been created under administrator mode, with the proper permissions, and now are available during launch in regular user mode. When things didn't work so well, as TMG was launching, the sub-windows were blank as TMG was asking for the dbf files. As I ignored the requests for a file name, eventually a sub window would open, then the file requests would repeat. Then another sub-window would open, etc until all the sub-windows were open and TMG seemed to run normally. Accents appeared in all of those sub-windows. When I would go to another person in the details sub-window, the whole mess started over again until all the new sub-windows opened with accents showing. If I turned off accents, everything ran smoothly. All of this makes sense to me except how did my machine get confused about the permission issue in the first place. It seems to be related to the OS update. You seem confused about my use of accents. I set up accents to show all veterans in one color, all Mayflower passengers in another color, and another four colors for the four major lines comprising our families. This makes it much easier to see, in the details sub-window, children of a distant ancestor who contribute to a given line. I picked up that idea from Terry Reigel. At any rate, I feel comfortable with the idea that TMG is now 'fixed'. But I will be on the lookout for a similar problem after the next Windows 10 update. Again, thank you for your assistance in resolving this problem.
  2. It seems that the accent system is saving certain dbf files, but needs to be in administrator mode for this to be successful. Once those files are created, administrator mode is no longer needed. I haven't experimented with other accent configurations to see if administrator mode is needed every time a new configuration is specified and turned on, but I will be on the altert. I thank you so much for your help. I wouldn't have figured this out without our discussion in this forum. I really appreciate all your help - fantastic! Bob
  3. PPS I took one more step, I opened TMG as administrator. I then flipped accents on and off, going through the string of dialogues as necessary. Then I saved the accent pattern, left the accent switch on and closed the project and TMG. Then I opened TMG and voila! no problem! It appears to be fixed. Does this sound reasonable to you?
  4. PS I just discovered something interesting. If I open TMG, I have to go through a whole string of dialog boxes as discussed above. If I simply change the focus person, I have to go through the same sequence. If I go to the flag manager and do nothing but close it, I have to go through the same sequence. BUT if I turn off the accent feature, the problem disappears! If I close the project and TMG, then re-open TMG and the project, the problem is still gone. But if I go back to accents, and turn them back on (activate to first match), the problem recurs immediately, even before I get out the the accent page. Is this any help in figuring out how to fix this problem?
  5. I don't understand. It is of some consequence to me because it is a great inconvenience to me to have to click through all those 'inconsequential' dialogue boxes to get into my TMG program. Is there some way to fix this open dialog?
  6. OK, I will send you the file. Meanwhile, I have created screen shots of the error messages I get. They are in this one pdf file, starting from the top, then down the left collumn, and finally the right hand column. This is one iteration, then the process repeats with the same error messages for about 9 times. Perhaps this will be helpful. I'll send the backup file shortly. TMG - 2019-09-25_11-49-06.pdf
  7. OK, I tried the repair procedure. No change. I completely removed TMG 9.5 and re-installed. No change. I still get the program asking for some dbf files (9 at last count). What could be missing that it might be looking for?
  8. One additional piece of information; when I run the project through Second Site, it apparently compiles correctly, suggesting the project is intact.
  9. When I try to run the install program, I get an error message saying it can't find the log file. Where do I find it, and where should the install file be? I keep it in a special folder for all install files, so it isn't where it was when I first installed TMG 9. See attached. TMG - 2019-09-24_21-16-06.pdf
  10. After the latest update for Windows 10 (Sept 2019), I began to have a variety of troubles opening TMG v9.05.0000. First I noticed that it was asking for a file (dbf was the designated type) with no indication of what it was looking for. Clicking on 'abort' caused TMG to freeze - task manager was only way to get out of the program. Clicking on 'ignore' simply caused the asking window to repeat. If I clicked on ignore a number of times (perhaps 30 - 50 times), eventually the program opened and seemed to run normally. Going through all the maintenance protocols was of no help. Loading from a previous backup - no help. Other TMG projects seem to open without issue, and appear to work normally. After trying all these remedies, I then started to see the 'alias not found' error, followed by 5** xcondition errors (** various numbers), intermixed with the dbf ask. Again, if I plow through enough 'cancel' or 'ignore' clicks, TMG eventually opens and seems to work correctly. I have a number of sub-windows open, and one time, before closing, I turned off the 'focus group' window. The next time TMG opened normally, and I thought my troubles were over, but alas, not so. When Win10 did its last update before all this started, TMG was open, and Windows closed it. Does anyone have any idea what is going on, and how to repair my project.