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  1. Will not start

    HP updated my machine the other night and I can no longer open TMG 8.x. This happened a month or so ago and I restored to a prior version. Clearly HP is going to keep updating my machine. I tried the Microsoft msi fix. No luck. Any other thoughts? I also tried turning off Norton. Still nothing. Same symptoms.
  2. Journal Report Question

    Thank you! I was afraid that is what I would have to do.
  3. I have a family where a grandchild (Gladys) is found living with her grandmother (Emily). I have added a parent-bio tag for Gladys with and linked that same person with the known grandmother Emily. I can only get Emily and her children listed with a gender into the report. The 2 children of unknown gender show in Emily's child list, but do not display their descendants. How to I get that line of descendants to display? I realize we don't know if the parent was a mother or father, but we do know the relationship of the granddaughter to the grandmother, so we should be able to see the rest of that line. Thanks.