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  1. Will not start

    HP updated my machine the other night and I can no longer open TMG 8.x. This happened a month or so ago and I restored to a prior version. Clearly HP is going to keep updating my machine. I tried the Microsoft msi fix. No luck. Any other thoughts? I also tried turning off Norton. Still nothing. Same symptoms.
  2. I have a family where a grandchild (Gladys) is found living with her grandmother (Emily). I have added a parent-bio tag for Gladys with and linked that same person with the known grandmother Emily. I can only get Emily and her children listed with a gender into the report. The 2 children of unknown gender show in Emily's child list, but do not display their descendants. How to I get that line of descendants to display? I realize we don't know if the parent was a mother or father, but we do know the relationship of the granddaughter to the grandmother, so we should be able to see the rest of that line. Thanks.
  3. Journal Report Question

    Thank you! I was afraid that is what I would have to do.