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  1. Thanks for the link, Jim. I missed it because it was a fix listed under TMG v8. It looks like username, e-mail and serial number info for TMG version 7.04 is stored in several registry keys, including VirtualStore. I've tried the "Run as Administrator" once fix first, and if that doesn't resolve it, I will delete the registry keys mentioned in the linked post. Thanks again, Dawn
  2. I have been using TMG for a very long time, but on my new Windows 8 x64 laptop, TMG often "loses" my serial number, and reverts to a trial version. The trial version has limited functionality, including inability to use F2. When I look at Help>About it says "Expired trial version", but shows all my purchase information, including product serial number. How can I fix this for good so I don't have to keep re-inputting my TMG serial number every few days? Thanks, Dawn
  3. Thank you so much for your quick response. I will have her make the change! Dawn
  4. Trying to help a friend with her TMG 6.07 problem(s). TMG "locked up" and she shut down her PC. She was then unable to open her project on the Win 98 machine she has been using. She was getting a fairly generic error (error when opening data table/data base) and couldn't open her project, but was able to open the sample project. When I looked at her projects folder, her PJC file (and several other files in that folder) appeared to me to now be associated with MS Word. At any rate, I restored a 5 month old copy of her backup (after backing up her bad project files, of course). Then ran all maintenance options. 4 errors/potential errors fixed. TMG is now usable, but the witness area of the tag entry screen is missing. Also, when attempting to add a new tag this message pops up: UNKNOWN MEMBER CNTWITNESS FRMEVENTS.MCHECKEXISTINGROLES. I clicked Ignore and proceeded, but do want to have access to the witness portion of the screen. What can I do to help her out further? It is clear that the TMG problems are not entirely resolved at this point. Thank you, Dawn Bingaman