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  1. I have been using TMG V8.00.0000 on my Windows 7 32 Bit desktop pc. Have upgraded from W7 to W8 Pro 32 Bit version. After reinstalling TMG 8, I tried to update it from TMG 8.00 to TMG V8.08 using the upgrade tool (Menu Bar < Help < check for updates and find that there is a update (TMG V8.08.0000 UK Edition) available. When I click on next I get an error as follows; Error : Update Unable to find resource on server. Please check URL is correct. The box "Automatically install updates after finishing downloads is unchecked. The only option I get is to cancel the update. What is the correct URL? Is there a location from where I can download this update without using the Update Tool? Please Help
  2. I refer to my original post and have now come across this review of TMG 7 and TMG 8 by Tamarra Jones. See >>> http://www.tamurajones.net/TMG8PublicBeta.xhtml Is this review accurate? Has anybody from Wholly Genes given a reply to this review? I have had a look at some of his/her{?} other reviews at http://www.tamurajones.net/reviews.xhtml - Is this person for real? He/she obviously lets personal likes or dislikes effect the review regards Pat Norton (Please note that bias is most noticeable when it conflicts with my opinion).
  3. I recently assisted in running a genealogy beginners training course, and one thing I noticed that they had several comparisons showing features of a “selected” 10 – 15 top genealogy programmes [of which TMG V7 was one]. Most of the data regarding TMG was correctly shown but there were several obvious omissions. Some of the sources of the comparison data are as follows; 1. Richard Wilson’s Comparing Windows Genealogy Software at http://rwilson.us/comparison.htm which is dated at about 2008. 2. Bill Mumford’s Report Card – not now available. www.¬mumford.¬ca/¬reportcard/ dated about 2004. Old pdf copy used. 3. How to find the best Genealogy Program at http://www.gencom.org.nz/Best_Program.htm which is dated about 2001. 4. Comparison of genealogy software – Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of...ealogy_software last updated 30 Mar 2011. Appears to be copied from Bill Mumford’s original site. 5. GenSoft Reviews at http://www.gensoftreviews.com/ which is dated at about 2011? 6. Louis Kessler's Genealogy Software Links, now at http://www.gensoftreviews.com/ dated about 2011? Between the members running the genealogy beginners training course, we had 7 different programmes, of which mine was TMG V7. Whilst we all favoured our own chosen programmes, I did notice that there was considerable bias amongst the trainers. (Please note that bias is most noticeable when it conflicts with my opinion). Is there any up to date comparison of Genealogy Programmes that is available – preferably similar in style to the Mumford Report Card?
  4. Master Source List Report

    Virginia, Thank you very much for your helpful advice it worked out well regards Pat Norton
  5. How do I set up and the print a report showing the Master Source List, with the Persons for whom each Source has been Cited? I have tried the following method without success; 1. Report on menu bar 2. List of .... > Sources 3. All Sources 4. Word for Windows V8 >:\documents and settings\user\my documents\the master genealogist v7\report_output\Master Source List Report.doc 5. Options button > output columns > Sort Order Column Type Heading width 1 Source Number SourcNum 8 2 Title Name 50 3 # of Citations Citations 10 4 Subject Person Subject 50 I have some 300 odd sources overall [they are not numbered consecutively, but in my own "source group" families] The first 3 columns appear correct but column 4 does not show the subject person as per the options setup but rather shows in some 20 cases as a duplicate of the souce name. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help
  6. MS Visual FoxPro Error Prior to using TMG today I went to Wholly Genes website and downloaded latest version of TMG V7 and reinstalled it over top of existing TMG V7, reactivated using my reciept details. I have Windows XP Pro running using 2 monitors [i previously had TMG running on Monitor 1 and Adobe Acrobat on Monitor 2]. 1. Had 2 programmes running; a. TMG V7.04 [on monitor 2] - working on my 3GGF family as follows; 1. Completed changing a birth record from c 1850 location unknown, to b. 1850, town, state, and country; 2. Clicked on her father [my 3GGF] to enable switch to her twin sibling; 3. When father's details page opened clicked on twin sisters name; 4. Microsft Visual FoxPro error encountered 5. Did not get to the other twin child. b. Adobe Acobat V8.1.6 [on monitor 1] running with some scanned handwritten notes [6 pages] converted into pdf file. 3. Whislt error message window still open closed Adobe Acobat. 4. Made 3 screenshots of TMG [on monitor2] closing down. I have attached the 3 screenshots
  7. Thanks Jim, I will try to keep a record of my exact actions from now on. But this is me, a totally random character! who jumps from one thing to another. regards witelite
  8. Thank you for your help Neil and Virginia. Today I tried the following; 1. Ran the Validate File Integrity with all ok - no errors found. 2. Tried accessing siblings via the siblings panel rather than via parents, Details panel page openned OK [only tried this 3 times to date] with no problems to date. Oops spoke to sooon!!!! Today I tried to merge two siblings [actually only one person but had been duplicated] merger worked but the the same Microsoft Visual FoxPro error notice appeared and TMG crashed [same details as before only time has changed]. Error does not appear to be related solely to siblings. As a result of this error I did the following; 1. Ran Validate File Integrity again. Again Validation complete - no problems found. 2. Ran Optimise Tool and as result saved some 5MB in file size. 3. Reindexed project 4. Ran Performance Recommendations - usual notes re defrag, multitasking, etc but no problems with TMG [i do have Auto-Relationship Tag on; Accent is turned on regarding sex of person; Age column is displayed; Expanded Picklist is selected; I regularly defrag and virus check.
  9. Whilst using TMG today I have had several FoxPro fatal errors occur and each time I get the same error message. I am just adding data to one existing family member, then going back via parent to another sibling and updating that siblings data. The error message reads as follows: Fatal error: Exception code=COOOOOO5 @ 2009.10.14 11 :47:26 AM. Error log file: C:\Program Files\The Master GenealO1:Jist v7\VFP9Rerr.log Called from -tmgmain line 556 {C:\Pr01:Jram Files\The Master Genealogist v7\tmg\programs\tmgmain.prg c:\program files\the master genl'<llogist v7\tmg7 .exe} Can anyone please help, or do I need to reinstall via a new download. Regards to all
  10. I am using TMG V7.4 oo a XP computer. In TMG Preferences, under Project Explorer tab, I have changed multiline text back to unchecked [ie not multiline text] and yet when i go back to the Person View the memos are still showing up as "multiline". How can I get TMG to revert back to single line memos? Thanks in appreciation for any help
  11. I recently received some data, from a cousin who uses Legacy, for data recording. In this gedcom he has a same sex union between two males. He has advised me that as legacy will not accept this as a marriage, so has used memos to explain this situation. I have imported the data into a TMG V7 dataset, without this "same sex union". I then manually added the male "wife" into the dataset with him being treated as a female, then manually changed the flag to change his sex from female to male. I now have a "marriage" between two males. [Just for test I added a child to the "female" male with his male partner as the father - it seemed to work] Is there a better way of dealing with a situation like this
  12. Uh? There is only one TMG program. The UK edition just has some special customizations added after installation of the program. You can create a project (or even just a data set in an existing project) with the UK edition and then change the settings for a data set in that project to US features. Change the default data set styles and the styles in the Add Person template to the US styles. Initialize source types to Mills. The only thing that you can't change is the Custom Styles settings in Preferences. When you use that project, change the language to English (U.S.). You can run two installations, one US edition and one UK edition but it isn't necessary. To do so, you need to install to different users (for example, all users and your user). The installations will be completely separate... You use different program folders and different data file folders will be created based on the program folder names. You can also de-UK an installation and change it back to the US edition. Thank you for your reply and help Jim. Sorry about the delay in answering as I have been away.
  13. TMG US V7 and TMG UK V7 are they compatible? I have and use the TMG 7 UK version, and I would like to know if I can run the TMG 7 US version on the same PC or Laptop at the same time [ignoring the licensing question for the moment]. This is just to compare the different place styles, for a training session at our local TMG Users Group. Are there any special installation requirements required? Can they run simultaneously using same project, or would I need to run a separate copy of the same project? My PC runs on Windows XP Pro, and my Laptop runs on Vista Home Premium.
  14. I am using TMG Gold Edition V6.12, on a PC with Pentium 4 (D) CPU 3.40GHz, with 2GB of RAM. I am using advanced preferences in data entry, and expanded picklist. In last week I have had problems with TMG "graying out" and freezing up whenever I try to; 1. open an existing tag to edit it; 2. Add a new tag, to an existing person If I press the the "Esc" key I can get out of this problem, back to the normal screen. I have run the Optimise, ReIndex and Validate File Integrity tools with no problems showing up. Help! - what am I doing wrong? witelite
  15. Is it possible to customise the Place Mapping window by adding in additional web sites search tools? Is it possible to customise the Place Information window by adding in additional web sites search tools? I am using TMG V6.09 Thanks Pat Norton