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  1. This discussion describes the problem I've been having, but I haven't been able to overcome it. I am running TMG 8.08 on a Windows 8.1 laptop. My old printer that supports tabloid format runs only under Windows XP, so I have installed TMG 8.08 (no data) on an XP desktop in order to print from Visual Chartform. When I transfer the descendant box chart files to the XP computer, it renders in VCF as in the examples above, i.e. boxes in different positions and smaller sizes so that the text doesn't fit properly. However, I created the charts in Arial font, both Regular and Arial Narrow, so there should be no difference in how Windows renders them, since these fonts should be the same in all Windows versions. I also ported all of the Windows 8.1 fonts to the XP machine and installed them. When that made no difference, I uninstalled all of the Arial fonts and reinstalled them from the imported Windows 8.1 font files. Again, there was no difference. Any ideas on what else I could try? Thanks for the help.
  2. I just installed 8.08 on my new Win 8.1 computer yesterday, and got the same hit on tmgss.exe as described in the original post. AVG automatically removed the file from the "The Master Genealogist v8viewer" folder. I don't see anything in this thread about how to avoid this problem, so FYI here's what I did. First, I copied the tmgss.exe file from my TMG 8.04 installation on my outgoing computer into my 8.08 installation on the new computer. Second, I changed some AVG settings. AVG has a way to exclude items from scans, but says in the article that the exclusion only applies to "potential" threats, but not not "viral files". The procedure is described in question 7 on http://www.avgthreatlabs.com/virus-and-malware-information/content/faq/. Instead of excluding the specific file, I excluded the whole "c:program files (x86)The Master Genealogist v8" folder. Then I ran a scan on "c:program files (x86)". No threats were detected, so it looks like I should be okay. Third, another precaution I took was to uncheck "Heal / remove virus infections without asking me" for future scans. That way if tmgss.exe is identified as a threat again, I should be given the opportunity to retain the file. I guess I'm taking a risk by excluding the entire TMG installation from the AVG scan, so I hope Wholly Genes keeps its install bundles clean. I'd be interested to hear any other solutions or experiences.
  3. Thanks for the reminder. Unsetting read-only seems to have done the trick, although it wasn't very straightforward. I unset read-only at the TMGW folder level, and clicked okay to apply it to all subfolders and files. Following this, I double-clicked TMGMAINW.EXE, and the pop-up window (that I read about in other postings) appeared "The Master Genealogist is incompatible with this version of Windows. For more information, contact Wholly Genes Software. To run the program, click Continue. etc." When I did click [Continue], the application shut down. I set Compatiblity Mode to Windows 95, but all further attempts to start it produced no results (here we go again, I thought). So I rebooted. Then I sampled properties of several folders and files and found that the folders had been reset to read-only again but that the files had not. When I launched TMGMAINW.EXE and clicked [Continue] on the pop-up window, TMG started! It looks like the worst is over at this point. Once again, many thanks to Barbara for the correct solution and to Virginia for persistance in making sure I really executed it. Dave
  4. Thank you for the additional advice. I do have administrative privileges. It's my own box, so (for better or worse), I'm the only admin support that I have. I copied the entire application from the old computer to the new. I also got the ctl3d.dll and rwwexp.dll files as well. However, when I try to startthe application, it behaves the same way as the installer did. I double-clicked every EXE file in every folder of the TMGW tree, and the only one that started was the visual chartform. I have another (small) 16-bit application. When I tried to start it, I got the error message that it requires Windows 95. When I selected Windows 95 compatibilty mode in the executable's Properties, it started just fine, on both my XP boxes. So it looks like the problem is some combination of this particular application (TMG) on this particular system. I guess I need to look at my system a little closer. Again, thanks to everyone for their helpful suggestions.
  5. Well, that seemed like it might be a good way out. Unfortunately, the results were the same as launching from the disk. Thanks for the suggestion. Dave
  6. I have been using TMG 4.0d on a Windows 98 computer since 2002. I have now bought a new Windows XP (SP2) notebook and want to start using TMG on it. However, when I try to install from my original CD, the installer does not launch. The symptom is that when I double-click setup.exe or when I run d\:setup.exe from the Run window, nothing happens, i.e. there is no evidence that I even tried to start it. I tried setting the setting the Compatibility mode property of setup.exe to "Windows 95". In this case, the "ghost" of the install dialogue appears to be opening, but it shuts down before it displays. I tried various combinations of the Display Settings from the Compatibility tab of Properties, but none of these accomplished anything. Curiously, I can get the installer to start up on my older Windows XP (also SP2) desktop machine, but I have not installed it there, because it won't be so easy to lug around to libraries, etc. :-) I am happy with this version of TMG and do not wish to upgrade at this time. How can I get TMG 4.0d installed on my notebook?