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  1. TMG 9.01 install errors. please help.

    yes was going to roll back but first tried installer from site straight over the top all OK now
  2. TMG 9.01 install errors. please help.

    Anybody managed to get this resolved - same problem for me on a TMG instigated update to TMG 9.04
  3. Preferences in trial version

    I have reset the preferences to default and then was able to modify back to the way I like them and this has worked - although the age column intermittently unselects itself Dave
  4. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    Totally agree with Wal. Is there any movement in this direction? Dave
  5. I am just having a look at 9 and am unable to set preference for primary tags to bold - it just sticks using the * preferences > Program Options > Tag Box Is this because its the trial version?
  6. Sentence Order

    Hi smee again. I had decided on a sperate census occupation tag...but was then thinking about the occupations you get from birth certificate or marriage certificate. Started thinking about roles. I've added a Father's Occupation role and constructed a sentence for that on the standard Birth Tag. [:CR:][:CR:]At the time of his son [PF]'s birth <[DD]>, [FATH] was a <[L7]> living at <[L]> I ummed and ahed about where to record the actual data - L7 is not included in L and is first "unused" line, however the memo field might be better. This lets me add both bits of data we glean about a father from the birth certificate. You can do the same thing for marriage. Which of course then starts me thinking for an occupation role for the census. I can get the data entered in one tag, see the data in the person view, and it prints. Still playing with this though Dave
  7. Sentence Order

    Ah, OK it doesn't do what I thought it did Set Sort Dates will not change existing sort dates, regardless of how they were set. As a result, it can not be used to alter sort dates set by a previous use of Set Sort Dates.
  8. Sentence Order

    Hi, The memo is far more poweul than I had first thought and allows you to tailor text per source. However again if I was going to use this method I should have used from the start. I have found you can use John Cardinal's utility to order sort date, just experimenting cautiously with this at the moment. TMG 8 I gather has some new reporting tools & you can use in 64bt mode on W7 - do we have any ~ release date known? Dave
  9. Sentence Order

    Hi yes after alot if fidling arounf I have decided the only way to get this to my satisfaction is to split the occupation tag up per source which is an awful lot of work. So I am just contemplating that now. This is really to get the wording correct rather than the order. It would be nice if you didn't have to manually enter the sort order to acheive the order you want for tags. What would be good is a sort option in the person view - an up arrow down arrow for example - the sort order field itself is of no intrest to the user of the application. Dave
  10. Sentence Order

    Thanks for that Terry - yes all the census events including the occupation had the same date. I have now ordered the occupation to the day after the census and now we get the census location, age, medical condition and marrital status all in one sentence in that order followed by the occupation as a seperate sentence.. This isn't too much of a chore as only a few people have medical conditions recorded Ideally I would like seperate occupation tags 1841 Census Occupation etc etc instead of just Occupation then I could roll the whole census sentence into one, it wouldn't even matter if was in incorrect order. Could then use different wording that makes more sense reference where the data came from. Also perhaps a seperate tag for occupations as provided by marriage certs and baptism records. However tying to split the occupation tag up into these would have to be done manually and there is just too much data for that. I could even explore the possibilities of roles now so the census sentence includes or mentions the whole family but again should have done this at the start. TMG is a bit of a chicken and egg thing, You really should plan out what you want and how to get it before you start - but before you start you don't know how to use it. Dave
  11. Sentence Order

    Hi I have been battling with creating meaningful, readable decendancy narrative. Sentance construction is OK. I have been concatenating sentences such you have one sentance for where sombody was, there age and any medical condition. This works but the sentences are not in a consistent order so the age is usually tacked on the the census wherabout but the medical condition usally tacks on to the occupation. How can I move the medical condition so it tacks on after the age? The tag order in the person view has the medical condition right after age Dave
  12. How can you get both Primary and Non Primary events to show in an Ancestor Box chart report? For example I want to include Birth place & date, Baptism place and date, Marriage place and date, Death place and date, Burial place and date. But because the Baptism tag belongs to the Birth tag group one or other has to be Primary hence the other data does not display. Changing both tags to non primary results in neither printing, therefore only Primary events are inclused in the Ancestor Box Chart. I have gone through the chart options but I cannot see anywhere where you might change this.
  13. Project file size?

    Mike, Is there a project size maximum though? - disregard number of people. Why do I ask, Because Family Tree Maker (2006) has reached a maximum file size which I for one did not know existed. Although searching the web has revealed others who have hit exactly the same issue Once your FTM file reaches 2Gb you can no longer add pictures to the scrapbook functionality. I use this feature to record source documentation such as bmd certificates & census images. The technical help at FTM actually advise no more than 1.7Gb. I have imported the FTM file into Master Genealogist 6 - trial I'm playing with & all went OK & I noted it created thumbnails as it went quoting original file size. Anyway that worked & I was able to add further documentation. I then started looking through features & saw that you could change the thumbnail size from 150 pixels - so I changed to 250 just to see what happens. about a third to half way through it came up with a no more room error message - can't recall actual wording but will ateempt to reproduce error when I have a minute. Which leads me to believe that MG also has a max file size although I can only guess at it at the moment - currently the project size is similar to FTM file size i.e ~2Gb. Dave - wondering what software to switch to