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TMG 9.01 install errors. please help.

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I have Win 7 Home Premium running on a Dell XPS L502X with 8gig RAM, 64 bit OS, i7 processor.


TMG 9.01 won't install without errors. Calls to TMG tech support have offered 2 comments.


a) ask Jim on the TMG forums.

B) manually register bblistviewv.ocx.


here's what I've done to date.


a) check for updates and install V9.01 through the program. upon completion, it gives multiple errors as noted at the bottom of this email.

B) uninstall v9, manually install v9 as admin, check for update and install v9.01 through program.

c) uninstall v9, manually install v9 as admin, download full v9.01 from whollygenes website and manually install as admin.


none of above worked. next, WhollyGenes sent me instructions to manually register bblistviewv.ocx.


d) I manually registered bblistview using the below command line from an "admin" run command prompt. this worked fine.


regsvr32 c:\windows\syswow64\bblistviewv.ocx


e) next, I tried running the update from within v9.0 again. this still yielded the error about bblistviewv.ocx.


I'm about at my wits end here folks. please chime in if you have guidance on how to fix this issue.




PS : for some reason, I can't paste into this forum post, so I have no easy way to show the lengthy list of errors that's occurring. I have manually typed the first error below.


"cannot load 32-bit dll c:\windows\system32\bblistviewv.ocx 113 TMGAPPOBJ.REGISTERCONTROL







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An undated v9.01 installer was posted late yesterday. If you haven't tried that version, you should do so.


Download the 'trial version' from the Wholly Genes website. That will give you the latest installer.


Uninstall any existing TMG9 installation.


Delete the TMG9 program folder.


Delete the 'The Master Genealogist v9 Installer' folder.


Then try the latest v9.01 installer.

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I had the same problem, but Jim Byram's solution worked for me. I uninstalled V9 and reinstalled the trial version from the Web site.

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Jim, I'm having the bblistviewv problem when trying to upgrade from 9.0 to 9.01 through the program. manually registering bblistviewx did not work. So, I was interested in the procedure outlined on 28 Feb.

1. download the trial version to get the latest installer

2. uninstall any existing tmg9 installation

3. delete tmg9 program folder

4. delete the v9 installer folder.

5. try the latest v9.01 installer.


Here is what I did - -

(1) started download of the trial version. it brings me to a screen with 3 choices

a. modify. allow users to change the way features are installed

b. repair. repair errors in the most recent installation state - fixes missing or corrupt files, shortcut and registry entries

c. remove. removes tmgv9 from your computer.


I chose b. repair. it finished, and then it was gone. Here is what I did next.

1. opened TMG application. I was surprised to find that it loaded my data, in view of how the upgrade to 9.01 crashed the first time.

2a. checked for updates (help/check for an update).

2b. it says my software is up-to-date.

3. I checked my version (help/about TMG). it says I have v9.01.0000


So, now I'm wondering if I really do have v9.01.0000 in all its capacity. If so, I'm glad I didn't do steps 2-5 (uninstall and delete of folders) of your Feb 28 procedure.

maybe something has changed with the procedure for resolving this bblistviewx issue, if so, then my notes above will help someone follow the correct procedure.


Please advise! Thanks. Kal Perry

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If it says v9.01, then it is v9.01.


btw... You ran the installer from the website from your description. Don't do that. Download the installer and then run it.

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I have tried the 9.1 upgrade from inside 9.0 about 10 times ... before today, it has been a couple months. It appears to install fine but when I execute the program I get numerous errors ... that it can not find files. I am running Win8 pro.


One problem with 9.0 is that when I EXIT it does not ask to backup... so I need to get this fixed.



Las Vegas, NV

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Jim is trying to describe what to do.


If that is not clear, here is what NOT to do. Do not initiate the upgrade from inside TMG itself. Do not use the "Check for an update" from within the TMG HELP menu. Instead exit TMG and follow Jim's directions.

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