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  1. Jim:  LadyBonita here aka Bonita Hillmer.

    I am having a problem trying to run a desc indented report.  It tells me my G.RPT is missing or invalid.  I have confirmed IT IS THERE ... so must be messed up.  I do not have a problem putting in memos during input ... so must be something old.   I tried running and Events report, selecting all memos ... same error.

    I have run all alternatives of Maintenance including Validating files ... zero results.   I have tried Repairing TMG (before I realized it was unique to my Main Project.

    Terry suggested I contact you ... BTW, I have a cat, Sherlock, that looks similar to yours

    2013-03-15 09.36.59.jpeg

    1. Jim Byram

      Jim Byram


      You have a custom Indented Descendant Narrative report named "G"?

      In any event, the first step in resolving any report issue is to reset the report configuration to default and test the report. If that works, then you can make any wanted changes to the report configuration.


  2. TMG 9.01 install errors. please help.

    I have tried the 9.1 upgrade from inside 9.0 about 10 times ... before today, it has been a couple months. It appears to install fine but when I execute the program I get numerous errors ... that it can not find files. I am running Win8 pro. One problem with 9.0 is that when I EXIT it does not ask to backup... so I need to get this fixed. Bonita Las Vegas, NV
  3. Project Explorer 'jumping' current person

    I will try that. However, I still find it weird that even though I am working on an individual (and it jumps) that if I pull down the VIEW, it does not list the last person I worked on. I have to go back to the focus group and go to the last person I selected ... sometimes I have worked on that person (changed flag at a minimum), then selected their spouse to see if there are any duplicates for them when it jumps ... but the view will not list the last two people. Yes it is a huge project but it has been very helpful to researchers that the DNA results match a specific DNA Family ... to be able to see where there may be a connection to an individual or to a location helps their research efforts. Bonita
  4. Project Explorer 'jumping' current person

    i probably should explain more. The database contains the lineages of over 725 men who completed a Y-DNA for the Wells Surname. I import their gedcoms and flag them as 'new'; .. then I used the flag to put into the focus group and then match them to the individuals in the Project Explorer window. With a database of over 100,000 individuals I can not use the normal duplication program as there are just too many with the same names and approximate dates. I have found it is easier to check for duplicates each time I add a new gedcom. This also ensures that I keep the DNA Families pure and highlight when a desc has a different DNA ...prompts to looks for adoption, etc. I use Project Explorer continually so this 'jumping' is a problem for me. Bonita
  5. Project Explorer 'jumping' current person

    What is in the focus group are the duplicates ... the PE has the originals... so yes, I need PE open.
  6. I am having a problem when working on a person. Either adding an event or deleting an event (mostly deleting), the project manager 'intermittently' will jump to the first person in the current sort. Additionally, when I click on VIEW to go back to the person I was working on (back arrow does not work at this time), the person I was working on DOES NOT APPEAR in the list. Currently I am merging several duplicates manually. I loaded the duplications (flagged) in focus group. I clear the Project Explorer (maybe have Primary names only) so there is no reason for Project Explorer to jump me to an a different person. In the Merge module I do not delete marriages ... I wait and do that at the person level to make sure I delete the correct one... so primarily this 'jumping; is happening after a delete marriage. Any idea what I can do to stop this or is this a 'bug'? Bonita
  7. Picklist madness

    Do the search in the Project Explorer, then copy them all to a Focus Group, then "X" the search from Project Explorer. It will then stay where you want until you want to go to the next person ... then open Focus Group and double click on the next person. It is moving because of the search.
  8. Conditional Flags and Tags

    My desire is slightly different. I have a database with almost 100,000 people for the Wells Surname DNA Study. I have custom flags for each of the 100 DNA Families so I can separate individuals by "direct descendant" or 'collateral' for each DNA Family. Sometimes a 'collateral' (spouse) is a direct descendant in a different DNA Family (the spouse's surname is WELLS) .. so they could have flags marked in two different DNA Family (flag value of "P" or "C"). My Reference Field represents the DNA Family and the ID of the unique person who submitted sample for the Y-DNA test.. SOOOOO ... I need a report that gives me all the Flags and their values for ALL the people in my Project. I am thinking something like a CSV/spreadsheet output. I can run it by DNA Family but with over 100 DNA Families it is very time consuming.... and with the limitation of the number of report output fields, I was hoping there was a report that might output all flag values for either a single ID or ALL IDs Is there such a report 'animal'?
  9. Sharing a partial data set

    Run a desc report from the eldest maternal ancestor you want to include for all descendants. Under OPTIONS, go to the Secondary Output. At the top is the ability to create a new Project with the results of the report. Back up the Project and send to him (if he has same TMG version) ..if not, you need to create a GEDCOM as output where you normally request a printed file.
  10. TMG must go nuts when I change the format to yyyy-mm-dd when outputting to Excel ... )
  11. Yes, I have used Flags extensively so am familiar with the process you described. I did not think that List of Events had ability to set flag ... but, I see it does. In this case, I was trying to update anyone who died / buried in Floyd Co., Iowa. I found a list of cemetery records for Floyd Co. and wanted to make sure I had entered the data for each person. As I indicated, even though they were born in another location, I knew I had compelted all the census research so the "Any Event" search should give me all people associated with the event ... in this case, Census. If I had alreadying entered the death location, they would have appeared. I wanted it to look at ALL events for a specific person to find the location. In having to set a flag from a report under List of Events is kind of a hassle when I am just trying to see who comes from the area. I guess my question then too is when I create a Location Index in Second Site .. is that for Witness too or just the Primary?
  12. I don't see the mm/dd/yyyy as an ambigous date format as it is the most common used. What I see as a flaw in the program is that it does not always treat the conversion of mm/dd/yyyy the same way ... 1/30/1900 would become 30 Jane 1900 whereas 1/12/1900 would become 01 Dec 1900. Since I do imports (I create gedcom from vital record dates for anyone named WELLS / WELLES / WELS) this has caused me many problems during the import. I imported over 4,000 old birth, baptism marriage and death records and did not know on a gedcom it would be a problem. It took me days to go back and verify each record. Seems that if they know this is a problem, they should ask in Preferences how to translate the mm/dd/yyyy. Bonita
  13. You must have worked for AT&T ... I used to program in Shell ... I could not convince my boss to sent me to "C" training
  14. I do it from the Expanded Picklist but have also tried from Project Explorer so I can work on them. I had also told them about a problem I was having with date conversion during input. I normally keep my date format as dd Mmm yyyy but when I keyed in mm/dd/yyyy I found that when it converted it and the dd was less than 13, then it would convert the dd to mm and mm to dd. Confusing but if I keyed in 9/1/1900 it would convert to 09 Jan 1900. I checked and 8.07 still does it ... I reported it back in Version 5 I love your 'sketch' icon Bonita
  15. Since I manage the lineages for a Surname DNA study, this is significant. I need it to find ANY PERSON with ANY EVENT assiociated with them irregardless whether they are a PRIMARY, SECONDARY or WITNESS. I was trying to update Floyd County, Iowa cemetery records and needed to isolate the few individuals (from over 100,000) to that area .... so I did a search so I could review each individual and update ... the EXACT search was: Any Event, State = "Iowa" AND Any Event, County begins with "Floyd" What I realized that it was not finding several individuals and subsequently found it was not returning any "witnesses" (CENSUS tag specifically) events, only Primary individuals. This was significant as there were several individuals with LOTS OF children and the only association with that county was the census records ... they were born in another state and/or death was unknown. Since 8.07 was just released and the problem is still there. I had reported this (with screen prints) directly to TMG support but was too late for this release. Is this something that can be fixed easily and fast? I am desperate. Lady Bonita