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  1. Add children efficiently

    Les, I have had that problem a couple of times, so what I have done is create a father named ________ Smith and a mother named _________ _____________, THEN added the siblings. Later, when I find out exactly who the parents are I can go back and fill in the blanks and add other data.
  2. Counting Spouses

    TMG does not have to assume which spouse was #1, 2, 3, etc., when dates of the marriages are present.
  3. Counting Spouses

    I wonder if it is possible in the next version of TMG to count spouses, such that the paragraph or sentence reads: She married (1) John Jones on 14 July 1932 in Washington, DC; she married (2) John Smith on 9 September 1935 in Washington, DC; she married (3) Ralph Adams on 10 June 1941 in Alexandria, VA. FTM counts spouses and I find it a very handy tool and is especially useful when view very long descendant reports.