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  1. 1. Is it possible to have a box chart where the data is in a oval box instead of a rectangular one? Or very rounded corners? How? 2. Is it possible to add a frame around boxes after the chart is created? I guess I could copy and paste from another chart but wonder if it can be added directly from the available tools. 3. In reading past messages, I've noticed some references to a "manual". I purchased Family Tree SuperTools v2 by download and although there is a help file I did not notice an "manual". Is one available? Thanks everybody.
  2. When creating a Text box (for example for a title description: Descendants of ....) is there a way to control where the line breaks occur in the text? Narrowing the text box and selecting "multi-line" in properties creates automatic line breaks but not necessarily where one would like them. Ctrl-Enter has no effect when entering the text. Is there a way of forcing a line break at specific places in the entered text? Thanks.
  3. Of course. How stupid of me. (I tried that before asking the question but obviously did it wrong).
  4. I am using Family Tree SuperTools v2. (Excellent program!) In creating a left to right descendant box chart it seemed to me that the page width of page seemed too narrow. When I printed an image, that turned out to be true with a lot of blank space on the right of the page. Looking at the image in the chart screen I see the entire width of available page is 5 and 5/8 inches. Yet, when I checked page setup it was set to "Letter" size and all margins were "0"! How can I get more of the letter size page available to use for my chart? Thank you.
  5. Page Size problem

    Good point. Thanks for pointing it out.
  6. Page Size problem

    Thank you Virginia. That did it. (Not exactly intuitive!) I've watched some of your tutorials and they too taught me a lot. I wish some one like you would group them all together, or pin the links somewhere to speed up the learning process. Jeff
  7. Page Size problem

    Wanted to add that I am on XP SP3, not Vista.
  8. I have a couple who had 10 children and for whom I wish to create a 2 generation descendant box chart with photos that will fit into a single portrait page. I am therefore trying to create a left to right Descendant Box Chart and have the following questions. There are a number of chart options to select from *before* the chart is created. However once the chart is created I can find no way to alter the following items without recreating the chart all over again: 1. altering the distance within or between generations or boxes 2. who to include or exclude from the chart 3. whether the spouses are placed below or side by side (without individual dragging of boxes) etc. It is a nuisance to have to recreate the chart from scratch every time I wish to change items like distance within or between generations or boxes. Am I missing something? Thank you.
  9. Thank you Mike for all your messages. Very helpful information. I will look for Virginia's threads.
  10. grayed out reports !

    I just purchased and installed Family Tree SuperTools v2 and imported a Legacy 7 fdb file. During the import I had several popups "Variable 'LNTAGTYPE' is not found. 443 GBINDIEVENTS". But, the final log report said "no errors encountered". Not sure what the popup LNTAGTYPE errors mean. Can you help? Are these errors? The website says SuperTools works directly with Legacy files. 2. After the import I tried to see what reports I could create and found that ALL are grayed out except for a handful like Ancestor box chart descendant box chart etc. Since there was no trial version of the SuperTools, I was forced to take a look at the charting capabilities of TMG before purchasing SuperTools because the WhollyGenes website said they were the same capabilities. But they are not!! Why are almost *all* the report options are grayed out? That is terrible! I did enter the registration code to unlock it. How do I make these other grayed out reports available? If not, I want my money back! Very dissapointed! I re-installed twice with no difference. Working in Windows XP SP3.
  11. grayed out reports !

    Thank Terry. I was just interested in learning about the charting tools in SuperTools. For everything else I find Legacy quite good, but its charting capability is its present weakness. I suspect they will get better in future editions, hopefully. Again, thank you. You have been very helpful. Are you connected with WhollyGenes?
  12. grayed out reports !

    Which charting capabilities do you find in TMG that are not in SuperTools? So far as I know they are the same. TMG has the capability to produce many other types of reports that SuperTools cannot. Those are the reports that you see grayed out in SuperTools. But the website does not say SuperTools can produce those reports - only that it can produce charts, which is does. That is what I gradually realized. Rather than gray out the other "reports" they really should have taken them off the SuperTools menu. I am sure I am not the only one confused by those grayed out options, especially since charts are not in a separate location but mixed in with the other reports. In any case the charting capabilities are worth the cost so it's OK as all the other reports I can get nicely from Legacy itself. However, I wish the tutorial they mention in the SuperTools help files was not a 404 page! I guess nothing is perfect. Thanks Terry. Do you know of any tutorial for SuperTools?
  13. grayed out reports !

    There are several other things not working correctly in the SuperTools v2. In the help files is a link to a "tour of SuperTools" (http://www.whollygenes.com/ftsttour.htm). That link is non-existent. Eastman reported it was not working in 2001! and that he was assured it would be online in a few days [ http://www.eogn.com/archives/news0144.htm ] Obviously not.
  14. When importing a database from Legacy 7, the TMG import wizard several times said "LNTAGTYPE not found". What does that mean? What is a LNTAGTYPE? Thanks.
  15. I am a user of Legacy 7 and wish to purchase Super Tools v2 to use for charting. Since there is no trial version of Super Tools v2 I downloaded the trial version of TMG (which is said to include all the capabilities of Super Tools v2 in its vcf component) as a way to try out Super Tools v2. However, when I launch vcf.exe to try it out I find no way for vcf to work with Legacy fdb file. Are things different in the stand alone Super Tools v2? Thank you.
  16. Importing Legacy file into

    Thank you. I thought that might be the case. I wish there was a trial version of SuperTools available. I might just have to buy it to really try it out.
  17. I am brand new to TMG and imported a GEDCOM to it. First error I noticed is that all the sources were labelled as source type "Book (authored)" even those clearly listed as Social Security applications, interviews, etc. Why is that? It would be a major undertaking to go over everything, sources and all, again.
  18. I am trying to make sense of gedcom data I imported into TMG. Much of it went into the wrong places. For instance, some material that was in "notes" appears in TGM as "Event-Misc" with the data placed in fields that make no sense in the section "Place style" US Standard Place. Since this is a note, obviously the data does not fit correctly into US Standard Place fields! How does one correct this mess? There are many other similar incongruities I will need to correct but do not know how. Please advise. I am still in the trial phase. It is not the gedcom that is at fault, because I imported the same gedcom into Legacy 6.0 which I am also trying out before purchasing and this data was correctly entered into Notes in Legacy which is where it originally was and belongs.
  19. I am considering purchasing TMG but am concerned because of its reputed steep learning curve. I did download the trial version about 3 weeks ago, but to my embarrassment I hardly tried it because I was playing around with my trial version of Legacy. Now that I wish to finally explore TMG I find I have only 5 days to do so. So, I just subscribed and started looking at your support forums and found your FAQ about refunds which mentions a 90 day refund policy for purchases made direct from Wholly Genes. Does this include download purchases? Also, is the TMG User guide available in printed form? I downloaded the free pdf version of the user guide but that is too large to print out. Does a printed User Guide come with the boxed TMG? Thanks.