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  1. Thanks Virginia. I tried the sample project and an image appears in one or two boxes. So I think my file was corrupted and I therefore imported a new project from Legacy. FTST imported it with no errors and I told it to also create thumb... of all images. This time the report did include the images. Thank goodness! What is the best way to make a chart fit on one page? This is for a grandson's school project.
  2. I can't find a validate file integrity tool. Where is it? The images do appear in the main screen. They just do not appear in the chart even though I selected them to appear on left. (Tried on right too).
  3. Could it have to do with that I am now working in Windows 7 64 bit? Previously I had used SuperTools in Windows XP.
  4. I have Family Tree SuperTools v2 which I understand is similar to Visual Charform. Long ago I imported a file from Legacy including images. When I click on the "Images" tab the images appear in SuperTools V2. But they do not appear in the ancestral box chart ST creates even though I have that option selected in the report Images tab "on left". What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  5. editing chart

    Found it. Please ignore. Thank you.
  6. editing chart

    I own Family Tree Super Tools v2, the charting tool of Wholly Genes but have not used it for a time and am therefore rusty in its use. I now want to edit a complex chart I created some time ago using FTST which I then pasted into a Word document. I therefore need to find the original chart without having to recreate it. 1. What is the extension these charts are saved under so I can search for it? 2. When I open Family Tree Super Tools it opens the project the chart was created from, but creates a different chart. Is there a way to find the previous saved chart? 3. What I need to change is a date of death in one of the boxes. FTST will not let me edit the data it has. Is that normal? Thank you
  7. Changing image in box

    Terrific. Thank you very much.
  8. Changing image in box

    Thank you both. I used RobinL's suggestion and it worked fine. Virginia's suggestion is also excellent and I may also give it a try. I am creating a fancy family tree for inclusion in a book I am writing. After creating it I "selected everything" and pasted it as an image in my paint program, saving it as a graphic file which I then used in my Word document. It worked fine, but I was wondering if there were simpler ways to do it. I did not try to copy/paste directly into Word but that might also have worked.
  9. Changing image in box

    Thank you. I will try that. I wonder how that will print. Will it print both images one over the other? Thank you for the rapid and helpful response.
  10. Changing image in box

    More info: The chart report was created on a different PC running XP that I no longer use and have replaced with a new laptop using W7. SuperTools V2 is now installed on this new Windows 7 PC and therefore does not have the settings I used to create the chart. (I had to search for the chart to even open it). Fortunately I did not junk the old PC and I do have access to the old PC. So, if necessary I can use it if that would permit the editing or update I need to do.
  11. Changing image in box

    I am a registered user of Supertools version 2, but because I have not used it in a while I am a little rusty on how to use it. I have a highly customized box chart I created a year ago on which I need to just change the image of the person in one of the boxes. The box detail properties/components of the box I need to change are listed as: The person's name Metafile (Frame) Rectangle (MainBox) Text [1] Text [2] Text [3] Image [image] It is the last component "Image [image]" I need to change to a different image. Is there a way to do this without having to recreate the chart and redo all the customizations I already did? Thank you. Jeff
  12. Will it work in Windows 7?

    Thank you. The laptop that is coming has W 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Not sure if I made the correct choice to get it instead of the 32 bit version because I suspect more apps may not work on properly on 64.
  13. I recently purchased FamilyTree Supertools v2 and used it successfully in Windows XP. I now have to move to a new laptop running Windows 7. Will Supertools run in Windows 7? Thanks.
  14. TreeDraw file into FTST?

    Unfortunately does not help. They are ungrouped elements in TreeDraw but when transferred to VCF they paste as a single image object. :-(