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  1. Most reports are grayed out

    Thank you both for your suggestions. I will enjoy exploring them. The reason I favor a printed book rather than an electronic version is because of the rapid evolution (and obsolecense) of technology. Even decades from now, a printed paper book will always be accessible with no tool other than human eyes. Besides, the text is already written I'm just working on the charts to include. So any other charting suggestions would be welcome. Thank you both.
  2. Some time ago I purchased Familt Tree SuperTools and after a long hiatus I just started the program up to create some charts. To my surprise almost all the charts are grayed out and unavailable! I'm not sure why this is. I'm on a Windows 10 laptop if that matters. What can I do? This is a purchased copy, not an evaluation one.
  3. Most reports are grayed out

    Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. That's very kind of you and your answer explains everything. I've never owned or used TMG. For a very long time the genealogy software I use has been Legacy. While exploring the kinds of genealogy charts and graphs I could use in an upcoming book I remembered that I had an old purchased copy of Family Tree SuperTools. I therefore explored it to see what chart possibilities it offered. Essentially I was looking for descendancy charts (preferably with the box styles most "non-genealogists" can easily understand) that would be condensed enough to fit on a single book page and still be legible. I was planning on using a series of such customized 3-4 generation charts in this book. While Legacy software is quite capable, its charting capabilities are rather limited. So I was looking for alternatives that might provide more satisfactory options. Would you have any suggestions? I am not adverse to purchasing additional software for that purpose. I am sorry to hear about Virginia Blakelock. I recall her being quite helpful. I am 81 years old myself. So I believe she died far too young.
  4. I have Family Tree SuperTools v2 which I understand is similar to Visual Charform. Long ago I imported a file from Legacy including images. When I click on the "Images" tab the images appear in SuperTools V2. But they do not appear in the ancestral box chart ST creates even though I have that option selected in the report Images tab "on left". What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  5. Thanks Virginia. I tried the sample project and an image appears in one or two boxes. So I think my file was corrupted and I therefore imported a new project from Legacy. FTST imported it with no errors and I told it to also create thumb... of all images. This time the report did include the images. Thank goodness! What is the best way to make a chart fit on one page? This is for a grandson's school project.
  6. I can't find a validate file integrity tool. Where is it? The images do appear in the main screen. They just do not appear in the chart even though I selected them to appear on left. (Tried on right too).
  7. Could it have to do with that I am now working in Windows 7 64 bit? Previously I had used SuperTools in Windows XP.
  8. editing chart

    I own Family Tree Super Tools v2, the charting tool of Wholly Genes but have not used it for a time and am therefore rusty in its use. I now want to edit a complex chart I created some time ago using FTST which I then pasted into a Word document. I therefore need to find the original chart without having to recreate it. 1. What is the extension these charts are saved under so I can search for it? 2. When I open Family Tree Super Tools it opens the project the chart was created from, but creates a different chart. Is there a way to find the previous saved chart? 3. What I need to change is a date of death in one of the boxes. FTST will not let me edit the data it has. Is that normal? Thank you
  9. editing chart

    Found it. Please ignore. Thank you.
  10. Changing image in box

    I am a registered user of Supertools version 2, but because I have not used it in a while I am a little rusty on how to use it. I have a highly customized box chart I created a year ago on which I need to just change the image of the person in one of the boxes. The box detail properties/components of the box I need to change are listed as: The person's name Metafile (Frame) Rectangle (MainBox) Text [1] Text [2] Text [3] Image [image] It is the last component "Image [image]" I need to change to a different image. Is there a way to do this without having to recreate the chart and redo all the customizations I already did? Thank you. Jeff
  11. Changing image in box

    Terrific. Thank you very much.
  12. Changing image in box

    Thank you both. I used RobinL's suggestion and it worked fine. Virginia's suggestion is also excellent and I may also give it a try. I am creating a fancy family tree for inclusion in a book I am writing. After creating it I "selected everything" and pasted it as an image in my paint program, saving it as a graphic file which I then used in my Word document. It worked fine, but I was wondering if there were simpler ways to do it. I did not try to copy/paste directly into Word but that might also have worked.
  13. Changing image in box

    Thank you. I will try that. I wonder how that will print. Will it print both images one over the other? Thank you for the rapid and helpful response.
  14. Changing image in box

    More info: The chart report was created on a different PC running XP that I no longer use and have replaced with a new laptop using W7. SuperTools V2 is now installed on this new Windows 7 PC and therefore does not have the settings I used to create the chart. (I had to search for the chart to even open it). Fortunately I did not junk the old PC and I do have access to the old PC. So, if necessary I can use it if that would permit the editing or update I need to do.
  15. I recently purchased FamilyTree Supertools v2 and used it successfully in Windows XP. I now have to move to a new laptop running Windows 7. Will Supertools run in Windows 7? Thanks.
  16. Will it work in Windows 7?

    Thank you. The laptop that is coming has W 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Not sure if I made the correct choice to get it instead of the 32 bit version because I suspect more apps may not work on properly on 64.
  17. This may not be possible but I thought to ask. I have an ancient version of TreeDraw (version 1.21) in which I created several excellent charts. I now own the latest FTST. There does not seem to be an import option for tdr (TreeDraw) files. I can copy and paste into FTST but what is pasted is a single image which I cannot ungroup into its individual components. Anyone know of any utility or method to bring tdr charts into FTST without having to re-create everything again?
  18. TreeDraw file into FTST?

    Unfortunately does not help. They are ungrouped elements in TreeDraw but when transferred to VCF they paste as a single image object. :-(
  19. TreeDraw file into FTST?

    I was afraid that was the case. Ideally I would like to import this file into FTST to work further and improve it in FTST. I could recreate the chart in FTST but am trying to avoid having to go through that as I have many such charts. Jeff
  20. Hi Delete last line from box will delete the text but not the blank space left. Is there a way to remove a blank line? (I do have the remove blank line selected in the options).
  21. delete line in box

    Using latest TMG7.04-VCF under xp-home- If the last line starts with an auto-generated b., m. or d., the problem is there. If it is a continuation line, no problem. Wish WG would fix this. Good luck, It is an auto-generated line. Well at least I know it is a bug and not me!
  22. delete line in box

    This can depend on the style of chart involved. When using the UK style of marriage lines, all boxes in a generation are set at a height that will accommodate the box with the most contents in that generation. In US style marriages this does not happen unless you have set the minimum box height to some value that impacts the change. Otherwise, the "Delete last Line" on the right click menu should cause the box to reduce in size once that box has lost focus and redrawn. That is what I assumed. I am dealing with an hourglass chart but had the same problem with a descendant box chart. I'm working in Windows XP, US chart (I believe), remove blank lines selected, box minimum height set at 0. When I click on delete line it deletes the last line of text but the box does not shrink. When I try to manually make the box smaller in height it won't let me. I must have a wrong setting somewhere but do not know where. I bought the US program so I assume this is a US chart. Is there a setting somewhere that makes it create UK type charts?
  23. I would like to start by publicly thanking Virginia Blakelock, Terry Reigel, Mike Talbot and so many others for your informative messages that I have been perusing and learning from. Using your ideas and advice I have already created superb charts I would not otherwise have even thought of. Visual Chartform is truly an awesome charting tool. Thank you all so much! 1. Among the things I downloaded are 2 files from Virginia (ColorChip.zip and Clut.zip). Although both contain .vc2 charts, when I open them in Family Tree SuperTools v2, nothing appears in FTST's screen. Am I missing something? Could they be from an earlier version not compatible with v2 version? 2. I had seen a pdf, also from Virginia, that showed, I believe, some 48 color samples with their settings. Search as I may, I can no longer find it. Does anyone know where it might be? Thank you.
  24. ColorChip.zip and Clut.zip

    Thank you Virginia. I will delete the two zip files and go to the link you provided for the larger color chart. Thank you again. Visual Chartform provides much more capability than any other similar program I've come across. As for having fun, it's too much fun.... : makes it hard to get on to something else!