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  1. I've had to change computers and am having trouble with a few things. I have TMG 8.8. For now I'd like to use the TMG Utility program to find my "lost" external images. I've downloaded the latest one but it doesn't seem to be compatable with TMG 8.8. I bought TMG 9 but never installed it.

    Is there a compatable TMG Utility program for 8.8?


    Sr. Tanya

    1. Sr. Tanya Johnson

      Sr. Tanya Johnson


      I'm not sure how your responses work. Are the previous responses that are below an answer to my question or should I just be more patient to wait for an answer?




  2. Computer hangs when doing maintenance

    Thanks, Michael.
  3. I have tried several times to reindex and optimize and they start and then they hang. I have to close then. Is there something that I can do to correct this? Thanks! Sr. Tanya