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  1. TMG7 Exhibit Folder

    Yes that is correct
  2. TMG7 Exhibit Folder

    The exhibit path is C:\Documents and Settings\Tom George\My Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Exhibits\ exactly the same as in the preferences and all exhibits are located there. System is XP Pro, 4 gig ram and no problems with disk space.
  3. Been getting an error message on start up "Exhibit folder X not found. Do you want to use default exhibit folder?" "Y N". If I click either yes or no TMG starts up ok. X stands for the folder location in the My Documents folder where the external exhibits are stored. Everything in the message squares with the exhibit folder location shown in the current project options. Have tried VFI and reinstalling TMG7. The reinstillation seemed to work until I downloaded and installed the updates then the error message again pops up on start up. Other than than TMG7 works perfectly well. Any suggestions?
  4. Editing Tag sentences

    Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. Checked preferences and I have been in advanced data entry mode all along.
  5. I have been generating many custom tags and have made changes the sentence structure of some standard tags to go along with my research. Yesterday, all of a sudden, the program, TMG 7, will not allow me access to the role sentence structure box to change the language of the role. If I attempt to edit a tag type definition and try to access the role sentence of a standard role, a message pops up saying "----is a default tag and cannot be renamed" or in the case of a custom role, the renaming box pops up, but in either case, I cannot access the role sentence to change it. Am I missing a setting or is there a bug? Have reinstalled the program with the same results.
  6. Exhibit Log

    Using TMG 7.03 I have begun to have a problem with missing exhibits. The exhibit log for one of my projects with three data sets states that the project contains over 9805 exhibits and 9062 of them are general topic exhibits and all are missing. The missing exhibits all refer to one file which is not a general topic, but rather a exhibit to a citation. I have never entered the missing exhibits into the database. Is there any advice out there to resolving an obviously corrupt exhibit log or must I manually delete them all?