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  1. My old computer (Windows XP from the late 1990s) died last weekend and I bought a new one with Windows 8.1. In the old system I had my programs and all my data on drives other than the C drive because of limited space on the C drive. I was able to recue all the drives out of the old computer and make them external drives to my new laptop. I had already updated to TMG version 8.08 on the old computer and was using the multi drive setup fine for all my project files. Now with the new system I am having trouble getting TMG to take changes to preferences in the saved projects that open OK from the external drive data drive that I saved. The TMG program remembers the change to the default Project Path I make on the general tab under Program Options. However, when I reset the paths on the advanced tab under Current Project Options to reflect how my files are currently (only a drive letter change from the old setup) the TMG program immediately overrides all but two of the paths to the default C:UsersnameDocumentsThe Master Genealogist v8... (configuration files, export, repeat files, report output, slideshow, and timelines). It leaves backups and exhibit folder alone. I assume because I selected don't change exhibit folder. Even when I fully retype all the paths to be what I need them to be now, TMG does not recognize the changes when I next open the project. So far I have not made any other changes to any projects except for the preferences change in one project, but I need to resolve this issue so I can continue with my research. I seem to remember this being discussed before but I could not find the thread.
  2. Managing Data Files in Windows 8.1

    As an experiment after the ball game I copied the entire tree of my TMG v8 data files off of the external drive they were on to the C drive of my new laptop. I then opened TMG and picked up the project in the new location, made the path changes and everything worked fine. I had previously checked the permissions on the external drive and everything looked fine, but nothing worked when I used the external drive. I'll have to do some more experimenting. Thanks for your help.
  3. Managing Data Files in Windows 8.1

    I agree with you about the VFI but that is not the issue that is causing a problem. The problem is TMG is not updating the paths or is ignoring the saved changes when I reopen the project after changing the paths on the advanced Project Options screen. I cannot use the program if it will not take the changes.
  4. Managing Data Files in Windows 8.1

    Thanks, Jim, for your quick reply. I also tried that yesterday when typing did not work. However, I just tried it again being very sure to select the correct path I needed for everything except Slideshow and Timelines. I then clicked both apply and OK to exit the Preferences screen. I then selected Validate File Integrity, added the exhibits folder for this project and received the error saying all my exhibits were missing. I closed the project and reopened it to find the same problem with the paths on the Advanced-Current Project tab. The changes are not remembered, although all the other options that I had originally set for the project when on the old machine are there for the project and remain unchanged. Why does TMG try to force a change? I can understand giving a warning about the path not being found but TMG should never change the entries before I can inspect and fix them. To me there are two problems here: 1. Not updating the path changes properly 2. Overwriting what was typed originally in the path fields on the advanced tab for the project Thanks,
  5. Event Tags for Land Transactions

    Thanks, everyone, for the GEDCOM tips. I hope I won't have to worry about that. Terry, your examples have given me a few ideas. Thanks.
  6. Event Tags for Land Transactions

    Thanks for the GEDCOM information. I rarely use GEDCOM files but I may need to in the future. I have several Homestead files from the Alberta Provincial Archives which lead up to the granting of the land patent and contain different dates and information: Application for a Homestead Entry - request for permission to reside on, improve and cultivate the land Declaration of Abandonment - request to abandon (with reasons) a previous homestead entry in order to take up another homestead Application for Homestead Patent - request for the Land Grant that includes information on improvements, length of residence, cultivation, livestock, etc. along with the sworn statements of two people verifying the improvements, etc. to the land The names of the tags are easy but I have to think a little on the sentence structure and roles unless I freeform everything in the memo.
  7. Event Tags for Land Transactions

    I forgot to ask, are there specific GEDCOM labels that I should use when creating these custom Land tag types?
  8. Event Tags for Land Transactions

    Thanks, TPG, Michael and Terry for your suggestions. I saw Terry's examples this afternoon as I was reviewing the archives on the TMG-L list server suggested by Michael. Those examples will cover most of my needs. However, I still need to come up with some more customized tags for the Homestead process leading up to the Land Grant my ancestor received in Alberta, Canada in 1911. The TMG-L archives has given me some ideas. Thanks for your help, Jim
  9. Does anyone have examples or suggestions about creating event tags for the 1850 and 1860 Census Slave Schedules? I have seen and like Terry Reigel's examples for source documentation but have found nothing concerning the event tags. I would like to manage all the slave information found on these schedules in a way that I may be able to trace the slaves individually. Thanks, Jim Rassette
  10. 1850 and 1860 Census Slave Schedules

    Thanks Jim and Virginia for your suggestions. I'm still experimenting with different tags to do what I need. If you are adding slaves as people in your database to track events in their lives, how do you identify (name) the slaves listed in these or earlier censuses before you find documentation that gives them a name. What naming convention would you use, or, would you leave the names blank with only a record number to hold the place? Jim.
  11. Defective update to ver 8.08

    Well said, TPG. As a long time user I agree with everything you said in the last post. It is very frustrating and a waste of time to have to deal with program issues instead of genealogy issues, especially program problems that create database problems. I am losing confidence in TMG's ability to produce a quality product. Jim Rassette
  12. Using Gold Edition TMGv8.01, I tried to updated to ver 8.02 both outside and within TMG. Both checks said I had the latest version even though the splash screen and "About The Master Genealogist" under the Help menu say I am running ver 8.01. Thanks,
  13. Check for update problem

    Then why no mention on the wholly genes website upgrade center page, or the support forum for that matter? The Upgrade Center says I can upgrade!
  14. I would like to see the Export / Import functionality added to the Master Tag Type List. I have a lot of custom tags and roles with custom sentence structures that I would like to move quickly between projects once I have them working properly. Thanks, Jim
  15. Master Tag Type List

    Is it possible to get the Export / Import functionality added to the Master Tag Type List? I have a lot of custom tags and roles with custom sentence structures that I would like to move quickly between projects once I have them working properly. That same functionality for Sources and Source Types is great.
  16. Master Tag Type List

    Thanks, John Cardinal, for your clarification. I am aware of the "work arounds". All I am asking for is the enhancement. Are there any current plans to add the Export / Import functionality to the Master Tag Type List? Can someone from Wholly Genes answer the question?
  17. "Cannot add wife to empty dataset"

    I had the same problem the first time I edited my project after the update to 7.0. I think it was caused by the fact I have moved my projects out of the default project folder (as well as every other folder listed on the Advanded Options screen of the current project). Even though I identified the new locations in my preferences screens the program seems to lose track (with my repeat values also). I was able to get around it by using the "Add Person" window. After adding the first person the program seemed to be ok as far as adding people. However, there is still a problem with finding my repeat values.
  18. Master Tag Type List

    I must confess that I am not very familiar with the TMG Utility so I am not sure how that would work when trying to move one or more custom Master Tag Types from one project to another. It is not just sentences (especially all sentences) that I want to move. I want to move one or several specific Master Tag Type structure(s) with all their associated roles and sentences without having to rebuild them from scratch in a new project. I have built some complex tags, especially for each Census, that I would like to move easily. I know there are some tricks you can do with merging data but I would prefer a more straight forward and easier approach. The same concept used for exporting/importing Source Types, or Sources and their linked Repositories should work well for developing this enhancement. Thanks for your suggestion.