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  1. TMG v.9 corrupted

    Thanks, Jim, I ran he TMG9 installer and it fixed my problem. Back in business again. Jim Turner
  2. TMG v.9 corrupted

    After having used TMG v.9 without any problem since official support was discontinued, the unthinkable has happened. Yesterday, when I opened TMG, an error message appeared: OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. TMGAPPOBJ.DOFORM. When I press Retry or Ignore, the error message repeats. If I press Abort, the error message closes leaving a blank TMG screen. At that point, I cannot close TMG and have to use Task Manager to close the program. First of all, can anyone tell me if this problem is fixable, and if so, how? Secondly, if it is not fixable, can anyone advise me on how to obtain a new version 9 TMG program in replacement? I would greatly appreciate any help with this disaster. Jim T.