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  1. Installing tmg608609update.exe

    Disregard this problem post as I found a work around by downloading the update on my laptop, then copying to my desk pc. What ever the file size problem that hindered a direct download, it didn't hinder my using a copy of the update file downloaded on my laptop. Chester
  2. Have tmp607608update.exe installed; downloaded tmg608609update.exe on pc running XP Pro. I first downloaded the file to a download file, then copied it to:C:\Programfiles\TMG. Double clicked to execute the file. Received this response: Could not initialize. File size expected=3657500, size returned=2994212. I then downloaded the file to "RUN" . The file located in the TMG directory and I double clicked to execute the file. Response was he same. I thought by downloading it to "RUN" that the file would self execute TMG to V6.09. This didn't happen? How can I proceed to update TMG? Chester
  3. Marriage Event

    Lawrence, You described it exactly, and I knew it had to be new with latest version. Thanks Chester
  4. Marriage Event

    Using TMG 6.08 - In instances of multiple marriages I edit the marriage sentence and insert "first" or "second" or "third" etc. matching same to rightful spouse. My altered sentence is identified as P2 and P1 just above it is blank. Is this a change in this last version or is there a useful reason for the extra sentence. Chester
  5. Was first alerted using Individual Narrative Report where it starts out listing the person full name, the continues "Ann was born ....etc" I found since updating Ver 6.06 and Ver 6.07 in three of my database this Sentence Variable R:Child was changed to RF:Child. Is there a way to globally change this variable back to [R:Child]? For some unknown reason my Barr database was unchanged. I cannot think of any other thing that would have reversed these codes in my databases. If this has to be corrected on each individual it's going to be hard going through three databases. Help
  6. Just updated to V 6.07 on my laptop but notice the alpha codes used in the date field of the Tag box not visible, however, when moving cursor over area they are visible. For example "c ... 1934" ; the "c" for circa and other such codes. What button make them visiable. I updated my desk pc to V 6.07 but codes are visible all the time. Chester
  7. Burchartz - Pass

    Burchartz Christian, My mother's father came from border area of Austria/Hungary. Are you open to private e-mail with me about finding my ancestors sibblings & parents? Chester Barr
  8. Contact: Margaret DeForeest at marg85@comcast.net or Chester Barr at callenb@verizon.net Meetings: Meet on second Saturday of each month, 9AM to Noon at Bellevue Firestation #9, 12412 Newcastle Way, Bellevue, Washiington, located in Greater Seattle Area; (map available on request) Other Info: Our meetings consist of presentations on features of TMG, Q&A time, and topics of general interest. We e-mail a monthly text-based newsletter to our members. For more information or questions, please send message to a contact.