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Found 3 results

  1. This week I discovered that my various LoW reports when run in my main database generate this error message: "... \appdata\local\temp\[alphanumeric string].tmp is too large" and I must exit TMG. I was able to run the reports in the sample project and in various client projects. Lee Hoffman was able to duplicate the error in his large project, but not in smaller projects. Regardless of project used, and regardless of output destination, LoW reports with subject ID # checked worked and LoW reports with subject "All witnesses" worked. All LoW reports with filtered subjects failed in my main database, but not in my smaller databases. Lee had the same results. At one point in my experimentation, I did get a FoxPro error message that began: "Fatal error: Exception code=C06D007E ..." and continued with a list of various "Called from" lines. I have run repair; I've restored the report defaults and created reports and filters from scratch with no changes in these results. I think this might be the result of the way memory is allocated in this report, but I don't know enough on that subject to make this conclusion. Details of my various experiments: On my main computer: TMG 9.05 under Windows 7; project has 18352 people and 81510 witnesses; first failed report had 9 columns, 610 character line length, output to Excel. When the "Create report" button is selected, the "Please wait" window comes up, then the hourglass, and finally the error message. Reducing column number and line length and changing output did not change the results. The same report, filter, etc. worked in the sample project and in my smaller projects. On my laptop, which is usually about 1 month behind my main computer in research progress: TMG 9.05 under Windows 10; project has 18122 people and 80504 witnesses. The report loads "5028 possible filter conditions" (something I don't see in my failed report), up pops the "Please wait" window, wait is about 2 minutes, and the filter window opens for field value input. I backed up my main computer database, omitting all filters, accents, etc., restored this to a new folder on my laptop, and tried to run a filtered LoW reports. The report failed. The slightly smaller March project still worked. My main project has two data sets in it, and the small set is disabled. Because I've been thinking about moving that set to its own project, I deleted it from the restored project on my laptop, and reran the filtered LoW report (still on laptop under Windows 10). This single-data set project has 18224 people and 81144 witnesses. The report worked! My main computer has more disk space and RAM than my laptop. What have I run into? Thank you for any suggestions. Susan Johnston
  2. I updated TMG to latest version but when I tried to open my *.PJC file it says *._ND.dbf not found. All my data is in this file but I can't use it any help appreciated'
  3. I am trying to reinstall TMG v8 after I encountered a problem. I would click on the icon on my desktop and nothing would happen. This started this morning after successfully running the program after upgrading from v7 last March. So I uninstalled it and deleted the program files as suggested. Now when I attempt to reinstall v8 I get the following application error- "The instruction at 0x77323fbb referenced memory at 0x004d0020. The memory could not be read."