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Source Template: WorldConnect/Gedcom

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This was sent to the TMG-L in response to an inquiry; posting the essentials here also. Feedback welcome. --GJ


Sometimes I source the tree at WorldConnect, while other times I source the entry in the tree, and yet other times I'm sourcing an item in the entry of a tree at WorldConnect. I wanted one template that would allow me to be as specific or as general as I wished--one that would "do it all." For a lot of reasons, I used the GEDCOM example in EE, see pg. 156 (first edition)




<[sUBTITLE], ><[sUBJECT], >"[TITLE],"< [sCAP:][sERIES][:SCAP]> ([EDITION])<, compiled by [COMPILER]>< ([FILE REFERENCE])>, [iTAL:][PUBLISHER][:ITAL] (http:// : accessed [ACCESS DATE])<, [RECORD TYPE]><; [M1]><; [CD]><. [M2]>.



<[sUBTITLE], ><[sUBJECT], >"[TITLE]" ([EDITION])<; [M1]> <; [CD]>.



"[TITLE]."< [sCAP:][sERIES][:SCAP].>< Compiled by [COMPILER].> [iTAL:][PUBLISHER][:ITAL]. : [ACCESS DATE].



SUBTITLE and SUBJECT are conditional, sometimes I don't use either and I never use both. I use one or the other only if I'm setting up separate sources for individuals or families in the posting (as opposed citing the tree and commenting in the CD about the entry. Here are examples for entries I make in the SUBTITLE field (I rarely use SUBJECT):


Individual record for Sarah Adeline ("Addie") Jones (ID I3376), or...

Obituary of Sarah (Jones) Smith, or ....

Entry for the family of George White and Susan Delaney


SERIES is always GEDCOM for WorldConnect


EDITION is the "collection"--so, WorldConnect, or Ancestry Public Trees, etc. It is included in the short footnote, only because I needed a punctuation "break."


FILE REFERENCE is used to describe size/date of the file, so, for example, "1340 individuals, last updated 2006"


RECORD TYPE is to record whether or not the compiler's material is generally sourced; if the source is short, I'll just enter it there.


In most of my templates, I enter the name of the website into the field PUBLISHER, but you might prefer to use WEBSITE OWNER or WEBSITE TITLE


URL: I usually enter the URL for the search engine page, so:

http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/ or http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/


M1 is used to record the information/conflict of interest and related source (source of the source)

M2 is used to record information about the compiler including his/her relationship, if known, to the individual or family I'm researching. It doesn't carry forward to the short footnote.


COMPILER--entered as firstname lastname (sometimes you only have one name or a nick name). If I know the state where they reside, I place \, \after their name followed by the state. So, in the example below, the entry would be Joe Smith\, \Kansas



Example of FF output:

Individual record for Sarah Adeline ("Addie") Jones (ID I3376), "Smith," GEDCOM (WorldConnect), compiled by Joe Smith, Kansas (7986 persons; updated 24 July 2005), _Rootsweb.com_ (http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com : accessed 4 January 2006); Smith cites census research and Jones County Marriages, 3:416; reports Sarah's middle name and nickname, citing notes of Sena Peters, n.d. [separately, 1940's]; he cites correspondence with Gene Jones dated Jan 19, 1998 for Sarah's death date. Joe Smith is a descendant of William Jones by his son James Jones, and by their dau. Ellen (Jones) Smith.


Example of Bib output:

"Smith." GEDCOM. Compiled by Joe Smith, Kansas. _Rootsweb.com_. http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com : 4 January 2006.



The downside to the templates, as above, is that TMG recognizes the beginning quotation mark and sorts these bibliographic entries separately, so the bibliography has to be manually edited in a word processor.

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