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John Weidner

Focus Group - Source

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Does anyone know how to create a focus group of people associated with a particular source without having to go through each person, finding them, and manually entering each person?


I have about 80 people with death certificates from a particular state and want to create a focus group of just these people.


I have another group of about 150 people death certificates from another state for which I need to create a separate focus group.


Any help will be appreciated.


Thank you!

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My head isn't clear at the moment. You could do it like this (for events).


Create a custom flag with values ?,Y,N. All of the flags will be set to ? by default.


Run a List of Events


Any citation... Src Number = [?]


In the report options, set the Secondary Output tab

1) to include the people linked to the event as you wish.

2) to change the flag to Y.


I'd also suppress output with the checkbox.


Run the report and enter the source number when prompted.


Then filter the Project Explorer for all primary names with the flag set to Y.


Select all names in the Project Explorer and right-click and add all selected names to an empty Focus Group. Save the focus group if you wish.


Sounds more complicated than it really is.




You can reset the flag by running a List of People report and select all people and use secondary output to reset the flag to '?'.


Then you can use the same flag and List of Events report for another source number. Lots of reusable parts here.

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