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E Wilcock

Uploading images to Forum

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Sorry, Virginia


I seem useless at finding the Help files. How do I upload my Blended family chart jpg?

Does one need to upload the image to a photo hosting site and link a thumb nail via a URL?



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Being able to add images is tied to your forum status. Once you post enough topics and messages, you will become a Senior Member and can add images. This requirement was added some time ago as an anti-spam measure.


Create a topic or reply and write the text exactly as though you are adding the image. After you are done, send me the topic URL and your image file. I'll add it to your topic or message for you.


You can send me an email by clicking on the link below.

Jim Byram


I'm sure that Virginia will also be happy to help you in the same way.


(Once you reply, I'll move this topic to the Site Issues forum which exists for questions like this.)

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