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Bob Velke

Wholly Genes Newsletter, 1 May 2009, Issue 2009-5

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Wholly Genes Newsletter

1 May 2009

Issue 2009, Number 5


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In this issue:


o Monthly Special - 20% Off

o "Land Cruise" Availability, 26-30 Aug 2009

o NGS Conference, Raleigh, NC, 13-16 May 2009

o New Downloadable Data CDs from the U.S.

o New Data CDs from England

o New Data CDs from Australia

o TMG Companion Products

o Wholly Genes online chat

o How to reach us



=== Monthly Special - 20% Off ==========================


The following popular title is on sale for 20% off the regular price for one month only:


John W. Williams, INDEX TO ENROLLED BILLS OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, 1776 TO 1910, (1911) 2008.

$23.96 (regular price $29.95) http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=US0341

Long out of print and virtually unknown, this index provides access to a major source of information for post colonial Virginia ­ the public and private laws of the Commonwealth. While many will find the private laws­those that granted divorce, established a pension for a veteran who didn't qualify under current law, paid individuals for goods and services, allowed a free Negro to remain in Virginia contrary to law or provided relief to individuals who sought exemption or special treatment in regard to everything from inheritance to an inconveniently placed road, others will find the ability to track the changes in tax or inheritance law, the requirements regarding militia duty or any of the items that came under the authority of the General Assembly the most valuable.


Researchers will find multiple pages devoted to topics like the militia and taxes; however, the bulk of the index references individuals, institutions and jurisdictions. A recapitulation of a portion of a single page demonstrates the range of topics cover by these bills­topics include the incorporation of the Luray Institute, the Lyell Coal and Salt Company and the Luray and Front Royal Turnpike Company, the establishment of the Town of Lynchburg, authorization for commissioners to convey a tract of land to John Luster, the Lutheran and German Reformed Church to sell a tract of land and John Lynch to build a bridge across the James River, the vesting of the land of Mary Cooper in Philip Lutz, Elizabeth Lynch's divorce from her husband James, the exemption of William Lynch from the payment of taxes and the provision of unstated relief to Jacob Lynch. Details for these events are found in the actual laws which can be found on microfilm at major libraries throughout the U.S.


Although the index provides both the session date, i.e., 1814/15 and a page number, the page number is keyed to the original bills enrolled on single sheets of parchment and not to the published version. Once the session date is determined researchers can use the index in that volume to get to the proper page. Although getting to the proper bill requires this two step process, the ability to search a single volume in order to determine what laws were passed and when they were passed rather than the over 130 individual indexes is still of value beyond measure.



=== "Land Cruise" Availability, 26-30 Aug 2009 ==============


The Wholly Genes annual conference has been sold out for some time but we've managed to get some more space assigned to our group. That means that you can still be a part of this exciting event, become a better researcher, and learn how to make the most out of The Master Genealogist!


The conference will be held 26-30 August 2009 in an historic hotel in the rolling hills of western Virginia. The theme this year is research in Washington D.C. and we've got some terrific speakers lined up:


- John Philip Colletta, Ph.D. - a popular speaker, prolific author, and expert on research at the Library of Congress, among many other topics.

- Marie Varrelman Melchiori, CG, CGL - a full-time researcher for 30 years, an expert on the National Archives, military records, and other topics.

- Patricia O'Brien Shawker, CG - the Director of the National Institute on Genealogical Research, author, and an expert on research at the DAR Library and National Archives, among other topics.

- Craig Roberts Scott, CG - publisher, professional researcher for more than 23 years, and an expert on a wide variety of record types and resources, including colonial, Civil War, federal records, migration,military, Quaker, and government publications.


Of course, Bob Velke (president of Wholly Genes) and other TMG experts will also make various presentations about The Master Genealogist and its companion programs.


In addition to the methodology and software lectures, the four-day conference includes a research trip to Washington D.C., welcome and farewell mixers, and one-on-one opportunities with the speakers and expert TMG users, among other events.


Although the conference has been sold out since February, we've managed to get two more cottages assigned to our group. We've also closed some small rooms in order to give others a private bath. All told, we now have 18 rooms available, all with private baths. That includes rooms with occupancies of one, two, and three. We even have some rooms with double beds. Most cottages also have a living room and a porch and some have a kitchen or refrigerator.


In addition, we have a small cottage (Miller) which would make a family or small group of friends (up to five) very happy. It has two rooms, one bath, a living room, and two porches. Floor plans are available on the web site listed below.


Conference attendees have great fun each year and this event will be no exception. And at less than $400 per person INCLUDING meals and all conference events, you won't find a more cost-effective venue to improve your research and software skills. Don't miss this chance to join us for the event of the year!


For much more information about the venue and accommodations, please visit:




=== NGS Conference, Raleigh, NC, 13-16 May 2009 ==========


The National Genealogical Society Conference in Raleigh, NC is less than two weeks (May 13-16) and we hope that you'll be able to attend. In addition to our booths in the exhibit hall, there will be two 2-hour presentations on The Master Genealogists and, unlike previous years, they are FREE with your conference registration!


Using The Master Genealogist, Thursday, 8-10am

The Master Genealogist: Advanced, Friday 2:30-4:30pm


These presentations will be with theater-style seating but the organizers are trying to arrange for a few tables for people with laptops. Plan on using your laptop batteries, however, because electricity may not be available.


For more information about the conference, please visit:




=== New Downloadable Data CDs from the U.S. =============


This following searchable data CDs from Archive CD Books USA are now available as downloads from WhollyGenes.com, saving the cost of shipping:




$9.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...amp;p=US0283-DL

This volume provides biographical and genealogical information on those descendants of Governor Edward Winslow of the Mayflower who remained in New England, including many descendants in the female lines. There is also additional information on the families of the spouses of many of the Winslow men. (more...)



$9.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...amp;p=US0367-DL

Written by former State Librarian W. W. Scott, whose family ties to Orange County pre-date its creation in 1734, the volume draws heavily upon material found in the county order books which the author read page-by-page. Although he states that genealogy is eschewed in his text, the researcher will find it replete with information of value. Ten appendices provide lists of importations, the 1782 census of county residents, the will of President Madison, lists of men who served in the Revolution and the War of 1812, county military commissions from 1734–1784, a roster of the Montpelier Guards during John Brown’s Raid in 1859, roster of Confederate Soldiers from 1861 to 1865 and lists of members of the various conventions and of the colonial House of Burgesses. (more...)



$14.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...amp;p=US0376-DL

All too often histories leave us with little understanding of the history of “average” citizens and how (except in time of war) they interacted with either their government or society as a whole. Although chastised by some of his reviewers for breaking up his history with the interspersion of social commentary, researchers will find many of his digressions provide valuable insight into everyday life of the colonial Virginian. And, by using the search capabilities in this PDF version they will be able to compile information on specific aspects of society. (more...)



$19.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...amp;p=US0386-DL

An understanding of the law concerning a given event, whether it is inheritance, ownership of property, legitimacy of offspring or citizenship, is often necessary to correctly interpret the information in a document. Determining what law was in effect can be a difficult task, determining how a particular law should be interpreted and applied an even more difficult task. Legislation by governing bodies establishes the law, but it is interpreted in the courts. Case law as described in the Virginia Law Reports explains how a law should be applied under specific conditions. Finding these descriptions can be difficult and usually requires, at the very least, a trip to a major law library and access to historical index databases. (more...)



$24.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...amp;p=US0392-DL

With biographies ranging from a single fourteen-line paragraph to multiple pages, this fifteen-pound tome (over 2200 pages) is packed with genealogical information. Styled a biographical record, the book lives up to its name. Page 1 begins with the Hon. James Addams Beavers, "a gallant soldier, statesman, jurist and Christian citizen of Bellefonte," and is followed by biographies of everyone from former governors to yeoman farmers. The volume begins with Centre County, which lies in the center of Pennsylvania, and tracks westward along present-day Interstate 80 through the counties of Clearfield, Jefferson and Clarion. (more...)


Elise Lathrop, EARLY AMERICAN INNS AND TAVERNS, (1926) 2009.

$12.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...amp;p=US0619-DL

Billed as a history of inns and taverns, this treatise is much broader in scope, presenting information from a variety of sources on travel along major thoroughfares, on early stage and postal routes, modes of transportation, as well as the roads and taverns. Detailed, graphic descriptions of methods of travel, the accommodations from food to furniture, fellow travelers, and innkeepers are drawn from numerous diaries, travelogues and local histories and it is the reference to these that many researchers will find of most value. The author begins with inns from New York City to Springfield, Massachusetts, and on to Boston following the Boston Post Road; a second Post Road from New York to New Haven, is followed by a brief sojourn in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, before turning south to Long Island, Staten Island and New Jersey. Pennsylvania inns are given extensive coverage before moving on to Delaware, Maryland and Washington, D.C. (more...)



=== New Data CDs from England =========================


This following data CDs from England (produced by Archive CD Books Ireland) are now available from WhollyGenes.com:



$21.49 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=IE5005

This CD contains three volumes of the Chetham Society dedicated to Lancashire & Cheshire wills and inventories 1477-1807. The first (Volume 3 new series) includes fulsome transcriptions of 52 wills and inventories proved at Chester in the sixteenth century. This was originally published as volume 33 of the old series by the Society but this addition includes the abstracts of 141 wills and inventories proved at Chester between 1545 and 1650, which can be found nowhere else. (more...)



$21.49 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=IE5006

Published privately by the Staffordshire Parish Register Society in 1914, this volume, containing some 240 pages, includes all the parochial records for the parish of Blymhill for the periods 1561-1812, including baptisms, burials, marriages and in some cases marriage banns. (more...)


BLACK'S HAMPSHIRE, 1909, (1909) 2009.

$26.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=IE5007

Hampshire was published in London in 1909 by Adam and Charles Black, noted as publishers of travellers guides. Containing over three-hundred pages of text by the Rev. Teleford Varley and over seventy-five illustrations by Wilfred Ball, Hampshire should

really be subtitled: the history of a county from the earliest times to the present. (more...)



$21.49 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=IE5008

Written by Alfred Harvey, M.B., Bristol: A Historical and Topographical Account of the City was first published in London in 1906, containing some 300 printed pages it includes more than forty pen and ink drawings by E. H. New. Harvey's history of Bristol is less a chronological account of the city and more a thematic account of the some of the city's history and better-known institutions. The history is introduced by an account of the early origins of the city, both Celt and Dane, before quickly moving onto the history of the City during the reigns of the Norman and Plantagenet Kings from. Harvey provides an interesting account of the City as witnessed by the Normans, (more...)



=== New Data CDs from Australia ========================


This following data CDs from Archive CD Books Australia are now available from WhollyGenes.com:


James Francis Hogan, IRISH IN AUSTRALIA, (1887) 2007.

$22.49 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=AU0005

James Hogan was born in Ireland in 1855, and emigrated with his parents to Australia in 1856. He spent his his early life growing up in Victoria and became a teacher, journalist, author and politician. Hogan contributed articles to many journals and became recognised internationally as an authority on Australian affairs. In 1887 he set about writing the book "Irish in Australia" which contains 360 pages of information relating to those who emigrated and the influence that they had on this young colony. (more...)


David Blair, HISTORY OF AUSTRALASIA, (1879) 2007.

$25.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=AU0035

'The History of Australasia' by David Blair was one of three monumental publications he wrote. Written in 1879, this book takes the history of both Australia and New Zealand 'from the first dawn of discovery ... to the establishment of self-government in the various colonies' and 'covers the settlement and history of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand, along with some information of Fiji and New Guinea'. (more...)



$58.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=AU2005

Published in 1888, William Frederic Morrison produced the 'Aldine Centennial History of New South Wales' in a two volume set as a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated record of the history of New South Wales and its prominent inhabitants. The first volume is divided into thirty-three chapters and covers topics including the early explorers, geography, aborigines, flora and fauna, governors of New South Wales as well as the Constitution. Volume two has another four chapters which complete the history section. The fascinating part of this set of books (apart from the hundreds of superb illustrations throughout), is the large biographical section which consists of nearly half of the whole set. (more...)


NORTHERN TERRITORY AS IT IS 1882, (1882) 2007.

$19.49 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=AU3800

'Northern Territory as It Is 1882' is an account of a trip by South Australian parliamentarians to the Northern Territory, written by William Sowden in 1882. The book includes detailed descriptions of where they went and what they did in the Northern Territory as well as on the trip there and back. It includes visits to the ports, the interior, around Palmerston and government plantations, with full descriptions of the territory’s settlements and industries. Also included is a report on the general resources of the territory by Professor Tate. This book is useful to those with Northern Territory interests and proves an interesting read for all interested in early Australian history and development. (more...)


F. Morrison, ALDINE HISTORY OF QUEENSLAND, (1888) 2006.

$45.49 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=AU4003

An elegant, artistic and extremely rare book, the Aldine History of Queensland, is a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated record of Queensland's past, in two large volumes. It was written in 1888 by W. Frederic Morrison as a celebration of the centennial year of the settlement of Australia and includes chapters on Australian and Queensland history from the exploration of Australia through to the different districts of the colony of Queensland in 1888. It contains information on the different governors, the national constitution, interior exploration, resources, religious work, education, recreation, and a large biographical section. It also includes over 500 illustrations of people and places along with several maps. (more...)


TOURISTS' GUIDE TO TASMANIA 1899, (1899) 2007.

$15.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=AU6010

The Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand was established in New Zealand in 1875, and in 1891 they purchased the Tasmanian Steam Navigation Company, which for many years had carried trade between Tasmania and mainland Australia. This 'Tourists' Guide to Tasmania' which was published in 1899 by the Union Steam Ship Co. of New Zealand, was as the title suggests, a guide to tourists visiting Tasmania. It details places of interest in Hobart and Launceston such as halls, theatres, clubs, the tourist agency and more. This is followed by various excursions around Tasmania. The prices for travelling by steamer and train are given for each, together with details of the place to visit. There is a bibliography of publications that relate to Tasmania included (more...)



$15.95 http://www.WhollyGenes.com/find_wg.mvc?ref...WS&p=AU7040

The city of Portland is the oldest European settlement in what is now the state of Victoria, Australia. The bay was named in 1800 by the British navigator James Grant, who sailed in the Lady Nelson along the Victorian coast. "I also distinguished the Bay by the name of Portland Bay, in honour of His Grace the Duke of Portland," wrote Grant. Published in 1934 to commemorate the Portland Bay's centenary, this book brings to life the many early pioneer women, firstly with a few articles on various pioneers together with extended biographical details. Secondly with a "Roll of Pioneer Women of the Portland Bay District", arranged alphabetically by married name, usually with maiden name, and sometime with a year and ship, or occupation.



=== TMG Companion Products ==========================


The following companion products which were developed for TMG users like you:


"A Primer for The Master Genealogist"

A great new book for beginning TMG users by Terry Reigel.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/primer.htm


"Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist"

The popular book compiled by Lee Hoffman - now available in electronic form.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gettingthemost.htm


Video training for TMG on DVD

Getting Started, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/videotapes.htm


Second Site

Web site construction tools for your TMG data.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/secondsite.htm

Latest version=2.2 Build 6


Pocket Genealogist

The TMG companion program for Pocket PCs and other Windows Powered devices.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/pocketgen.htm

Latest version=3.32


GedStar PRO

The TMG companion program for PalmOS users.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gedstarpro.htm

Latest version=3.2



The research advisor that reads your TMG data directly.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gensmarts.htm

Latest version=


Map My Family Tree

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/mapmyfamilytree.htm

Latest version=1.4.11



Exhibit management utility

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/pathwiz.htm

Latest version=v8


Chartform Delivery

An inexpensive chart printing service

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/wallcharts.htm


For the full list of companion products, please visit the Wholly Genes Community forum (http://www.WhollyGenes.com/forums.htm) and click on "Companion Products."



=== Wholly Genes online chat =======================


The next online chat with Wholly Genes will be Saturday, 6 June 2009, at 2pm EDT and again at 11pm Eastern Time. Don't miss this opportunity to "talk" online with Wholly Genes representatives, as well as with other TMG users around the world.


Remember that the Wholly Genes chat room is available to you at any time. Just go to http://www.WhollyGenes.com and click on Public Chat in the Support menu. When you see the security warning, click on or . Then be patient because it could take 30 seconds or more (especially on a dial-up connection) to load the necessary chat tools. When prompted, simply enter a chat nickname and then click on Connect. That's all there is to it. We hope to see you there!



=== How to reach us ==============================


For tech support, please access the Wholly Genes Community message board at:


or write to:



Please be sure to note what version of the program you are using.


You can also reach us at:


Wholly Genes Software

9110 Red Branch Road, STE O

Columbia, Maryland 21045


410-730-9734 (fax)


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