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I haven't been able to build box charts -- or anything -- using VisualChartform because I get a pop-up telling me I'm missing the file:




Specifically, the message is: "FreeImage.dll cannot be found. Please reinstall from the original disk."


I checked on my other computer (where there is no problem) and find that the file is at:




I rechecked this computer, and do not find the file.


I tried "reinstalling" TMG by way of the latest "upgrade," but that made no difference.


And, of course, I have no "original disk."





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Thanks, Jim


That did the trick! The first time I opened a file I got the "dreaded blue screen" (??? who knows why?), but now it's working perfectly, and the VisualChartform is back in action!


So, if anyone at the SIG meeting this afternoon asks for help on VCF, we can bring it up. Whew!



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