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FTM 10 to TMG

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This morning I received my upgrade from FTM 5 to FTM10. Apart from the fact that I had to also update my .Net Framework up to version 3.5 which took a while, the whole installation process was what I would call "not simple". But never mind it's now installed.


As I had already prepared a Gedcom from TMG v704, I thought no further aggravation. Then I discovered that one can actually WGs Bridge technology to imort a PJC file straight into FTM. Following what I thought was a fairly easy import I started FTM up, got into Tree mode and wow!! All my TMG attached photos were all in place alongside each name. Not only that but my Reference numbers as well.


But then I began to dig deeper and strange things were happening. For instance, my great grand-uncle who never married was suddenly hitched to to his brother, my great grandfather. Then I discovered my great grandmother - not married to her righjtful husband - had in fact married 29, yes 29 times, amongst whom my granddaughter!!!!!


Needless to say I scrapped the file and will try my fresh TMG made Gedcom file and let you know the result. I suppose a school report would comment - Must try harder!



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You mean FTM 2010 which is a completely different program from FTM 5.


The last that I heard, the TMG import by FTM 2008-2010 using GenBridge was seriously broken and the issues hadn't been dealt with.

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