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Export to Gedcom from TMG7

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In recently making a Gedcom file of my main dataset, I have come across an anomoly which, whilst not affecting the end result, raises the query "how do I change this?"


In making the Gedcom there is a screen - step 7 Option screen 3 - which invites one to tick the various place fields.


I have 4 custom fields amongst which the Phone field is changed to/added with Reg.Distr. (=Registration District) when the exact place of BMD is not known but in this screen this field remains as "Phone".


In Edit the Master Style list the Phone field is correctly called "Reg.Distr." as per example:

<[Company], ><[House/street], ><[Village/Area], ><[Town/City], ><[County/Region], ><[Country], ><[Postal], ><[Reg.Distr.], ><[Coordinates], ><[Temple]>


I should add that the (Reg.Distr.) place names are all carried over correctly to the Place field when the Gedcom file is converted, in this case FTM6.


Can someone explain why this field won't show correctly in Screen 3?


My thanks



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You can select which of the 10 place levels to export. The 10 place levels are referred to by their default names. If you select the correct levels to export, the data will be exported.

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