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Lost details when I went into filter in details file

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I found I didn't have a primary tag on burial in details page. I clicked on what I though was a primary tag action and now lost all details and shows a "filtered" in red and the burial tag I wanted to add is the only information showing. How do I get the details back again please?

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Rightclick in the Detail view and see if one of the filters on that rightclick menu is checked. If so, uncheck it.



Hi Virginia. Am i doing it right now? thanks.


No I was jsut about to post that I got it back thanks. I have just answered Jim and I still have thos lost people in my report. I posted again to say that in the V6 children view it is these missing people that dont have an arrow next to them..I am using what I had in V4 when I transferred months ago so it is something that has carried forward from version 4. My query was posted to another forum and of course I havent had any replies. Jusdt thought I would let you know. Thanks again

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